Ming Zhao
Ming Zhao
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
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Global‐scale attribution of anthropogenic and natural dust sources and their emission rates based on MODIS Deep Blue aerosol products
P Ginoux, JM Prospero, TE Gill, NC Hsu, M Zhao
Reviews of Geophysics 50 (3), 2012
The dynamical core, physical parameterizations, and basic simulation characteristics of the atmospheric component AM3 of the GFDL global coupled model CM3
LJ Donner, BL Wyman, RS Hemler, LW Horowitz, Y Ming, M Zhao, ...
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Simulations of global hurricane climatology, interannual variability, and response to global warming using a 50-km resolution GCM
M Zhao, IM Held, SJ Lin, GA Vecchi
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The response of the ITCZ to extratropical thermal forcing: Idealized slab-ocean experiments with a GCM
SM Kang, IM Held, DMW Frierson, M Zhao
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Global projections of intense tropical cyclone activity for the late twenty-first century from dynamical downscaling of CMIP5/RCP4. 5 scenarios
TR Knutson, JJ Sirutis, M Zhao, RE Tuleya, M Bender, GA Vecchi, ...
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Dynamical downscaling projections of twenty-first-century Atlantic hurricane activity: CMIP3 and CMIP5 model-based scenarios
TR Knutson, JJ Sirutis, GA Vecchi, S Garner, M Zhao, HS Kim, M Bender, ...
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Statistical–dynamical predictions of seasonal North Atlantic hurricane activity
GA Vecchi, M Zhao, H Wang, G Villarini, A Rosati, A Kumar, IM Held, ...
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IM Held, M Zhao
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Increase of global monsoon area and precipitation under global warming: A robust signal?
P Hsu, T Li, JJ Luo, H Murakami, A Kitoh, M Zhao
Geophysical Research Letters 39 (6), 2012
Tropical and subtropical cloud transitions in weather and climate prediction models: The GCSS/WGNE Pacific Cross-Section Intercomparison (GPCI)
J Teixeira, S Cardoso, M Bonazzola, J Cole, A DelGenio, C DeMott, ...
Journal of Climate 24 (20), 5223-5256, 2011
TC-permitting GCM simulations of hurricane frequency response to sea surface temperature anomalies projected for the late-twenty-first century
M Zhao, IM Held
Journal of Climate 25 (8), 2995-3009, 2012
Sensitivity of the aerosol indirect effect to subgrid variability in the cloud parameterization of the GFDL atmosphere general circulation model AM3
JC Golaz, M Salzmann, LJ Donner, LW Horowitz, Y Ming, M Zhao
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Retrospective forecasts of the hurricane season using a global atmospheric model assuming persistence of SST anomalies
M Zhao, IM Held, GA Vecchi
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CGILS: Results from the first phase of an international project to understand the physical mechanisms of low cloud feedbacks in single column models
M Zhang, CS Bretherton, PN Blossey, PH Austin, JT Bacmeister, S Bony, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 5 (4), 826-842, 2013
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GA Vecchi, S Fueglistaler, IM Held, TR Knutson, M Zhao
Journal of Climate 26 (11), 3877-3891, 2013
The GFDL global atmosphere and land model AM4. 0/LM4. 0: 2. Model description, sensitivity studies, and tuning strategies
M Zhao, JC Golaz, IM Held, H Guo, V Balaji, R Benson, JH Chen, X Chen, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 10 (3), 735-769, 2018
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