Kyoung Kwan Ahn
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A vibration isolation system in low frequency excitation region using negative stiffness structure for vehicle seat
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Force control for hydraulic load simulator using self-tuning grey predictor–fuzzy PID
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Nonlinear PID control to improve the control performance of 2 axes pneumatic artificial muscle manipulator using neural network
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Adaptive backstepping control of an electrohydraulic actuator
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Online tuning fuzzy PID controller using robust extended Kalman filter
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Intelligent switching control of pneumatic actuator using on/off solenoid valves
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Position control of shape memory alloy actuators by using self tuning fuzzy PID controller
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Continuous nonsingular terminal sliding-mode control of shape memory alloy actuators using time delay estimation
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Incipient piezoelectrics and electrostriction behavior in Sn-doped Bi1/2(Na0.82K0.18)1/2TiO3 lead-free ceramics
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Modeling and simulation of hydrostatic transmission system with energy regeneration using hydraulic accumulator
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Experimental investigation of a vibration isolation system using negative stiffness structure
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Design and control of a closed-loop hydraulic energy-regenerative system
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Modeling and control of shape memory alloy actuators using Preisach model, genetic algorithm and fuzzy logic
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Strain enhancement in Bi1/2 (Na0. 82K0. 18) 1/2TiO3 lead-free electromechanical ceramics by co-doping with Li and Ta
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Active pneumatic vibration isolation system using negative stiffness structures for a vehicle seat
KK Ahn
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Force control for press machines using an online smart tuning fuzzy PID based on a robust extended Kalman filter
DQ Truong, KK Ahn
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Speed control of a hydraulic pressure coupling drive using an adaptive fuzzy sliding-mode control
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Intelligent switching control of a pneumatic muscle robot arm using learning vector quantization neural network
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Identification of pneumatic artificial muscle manipulators by a MGA-based nonlinear NARX fuzzy model
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Mechatronics 19 (1), 106-133, 2009
Self-tuning of quantitative feedback theory for force control of an electro-hydraulic test machine
KK Ahn, QT Dinh
Control Engineering Practice 17 (11), 1291-1306, 2009
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