Seon-Min Rhee
Seon-Min Rhee
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
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Face recognition method and apparatus
SM Rhee, J Kim, B Yoo, HAN JaeJoon, HAN SeungJu
US Patent 10,331,941, 2019
Apparatus and method for estimating camera motion using depth information, and augmented reality system
SM Rhee, YB Lee, SW Kim, KH Kim, DK Kim
US Patent 9,304,194, 2016
Time-of-flight sensor and color camera calibration for multi-view acquisition
H Shim, R Adelsberger, JD Kim, SM Rhee, T Rhee, JY Sim, M Gross, ...
The Visual Computer 28 (12), 1139-1151, 2012
Low-cost telepresence for collaborative virtual environments
SM Rhee, R Ziegler, J Park, M Naef, M Gross, MH Kim
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 13 (1), 156-166, 2006
System and method for multi-layered augmented reality
KH Kim, YB Lee, SW Kim, SM Rhee
US Patent 8,988,464, 2015
Method and apparatus for facial recognition
J Kim, SM Rhee, Y Hwang, HAN JaeJoon
US Patent App. 14/796,224, 2016
Plane-characteristic-based markerless augmented reality system and method for operating same
SM Rhee, DK Kim, YB Lee, TH Rhee
US Patent 9,405,359, 2016
Apparatus and method for estimating camera pose
SM Rhee, SI Park, YB Lee, HE Lee
US Patent 9,916,689, 2018
Method and apparatus for generating personalized 3D face model
Y Hwang, J Kim, SM Rhee, HAN JaeJoon
US Patent 9,799,140, 2017
Method and apparatus for expressing rigid area based on expression control points
TH Rhee, SM Rhee, YB Lee, DK Kim
US Patent 9,454,839, 2016
Stereoscopic view synthesis by view morphing
SM Rhee, J Choi, U Neumann
International Symposium on Visual Computing, 924-933, 2008
Face recognition method and apparatus
SM Rhee, J Kim, B Yoo, HAN JaeJoon, HAN SeungJu
US Patent 10,733,422, 2020
3D face modeling methods and apparatuses
SM Rhee, J Kim, HAN JaeJoon
US Patent 10,482,656, 2019
Camera pose estimation apparatus and method
SM Rhee, HE Lee, YB Lee
US Patent 9,875,545, 2018
Deep neural network using color and synthesized three-dimensional shape for face recognition
SM Rhee, BI Yoo, JJ Han, W Hwang
Journal of Electronic Imaging 26 (2), 020502, 2017
Image processing apparatus and method
SM Rhee, YB Lee, SW Kim
US Patent 9,165,211, 2015
Two-pass icp with color constraint for noisy rgb-d point cloud registration
SM Rhee, YB Lee, HE Lee
2014 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), 89-90, 2014
Split and merge approach for detecting multiple planes in a depth image
SM Rhee, YB Lee, JDK Kim, T Rhee
2012 19th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 1213-1216, 2012
Three-dimensional image generation method and apparatus
Y Zhang, H Zhang, F Duan, H Wang, HAN Jae-Joon, JB Kim, R Seonmin, ...
US Patent 10,326,972, 2019
Collaborative and immersive medical education in a virtual workbench environment
YJ Choi, SM Choi, SM Rhee, MH Kim
International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and …, 2005
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