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Last millennium northern hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings: Part I: The long term context
R Wilson, K Anchukaitis, KR Briffa, U Büntgen, E Cook, R D'arrigo, N Davi, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 134, 1-18, 2016
Last millennium Northern Hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings: Part II, spatially resolved reconstructions
KJ Anchukaitis, R Wilson, KR Briffa, U Büntgen, ER Cook, R D'Arrigo, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 163, 1-22, 2017
Arctic hydroclimate variability during the last 2000 years: current understanding and research challenges
HW Linderholm, M Nicolle, P Francus, K Gajewski, S Helama, A Korhola, ...
Climate of the Past, 2018
Using adjusted blue intensity data to attain high-quality summer temperature information: a case study from Central Scandinavia
J Björklund, BE Gunnarson, K Seftigen, P Zhang, HW Linderholm
The Holocene 25 (3), 547-556, 2015
A 970-year-long summer temperature reconstruction from Rogen, west-central Sweden, based on blue intensity from tree rings
M Fuentes, R Salo, J Björklund, K Seftigen, P Zhang, B Gunnarson, ...
The Holocene 28 (2), 254-266, 2018
Abrupt shift to hotter and drier climate over inner East Asia beyond the tipping point
P Zhang, JH Jeong, JH Yoon, H Kim, SYS Wang, HW Linderholm, K Fang, ...
Science 370 (6520), 1095-1099, 2020
1200 years of warm-season temperature variability in central Scandinavia inferred from tree-ring density
P Zhang, HW Linderholm, BE Gunnarson, J Björklund, D Chen
Climate of the Past 12 (6), 1297-1312, 2016
Growth dynamics of tree-line and lake-shore Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the central Scandinavian Mountains during the Medieval Climate Anomaly and the early Little Ice Age
HW Linderholm, P Zhang, BE Gunnarson, J Björklund, E Farahat, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2, 20, 2014
1200 years of warm-season temperature variability in central Fennoscandia inferred from tree-ring density.
P Zhang, HW Linderholm, BE Gunnarson, J Björklund, D Chen
Climate of the Past Discussions 11 (1), 2015
Intensified variability of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation enhances its modulations on tree growths in southeastern China over the past 218 years
L Wang, K Fang, D Chen, Z Dong, F Zhou, Y Li, P Zhang, T Ou, G Guo, ...
International Journal of Climatology 38 (14), 5293-5304, 2018
Time-varying relationships among oceanic and atmospheric modes: a turning point at around 1940
K Fang, D Chen, L Ilvonen, D Frank, L Pasanen, L Holmström, Y Zhao, ...
Quaternary international 487, 12-25, 2018
The influence of elevational differences in absolute maximum density values on regional climate reconstructions
P Zhang, J Björklund, HW Linderholm
Trees 29 (4), 1259-1271, 2015
Can tree-ring density data reflect summer temperature extremes and associated circulation patterns over Fennoscandia?
P Zhang, M Ionita, G Lohmann, D Chen, HW Linderholm
Climate Dynamics 49 (7-8), 2721-2736, 2017
Microdensitometric records from humid subtropical China show distinct climate signals in earlywood and latewood
X Cao, K Fang, P Chen, P Zhang, J Björklund, N Pumijumnong, Z Guo
Dendrochronologia 64, 125764, 2020
Summary of a workshop on extreme weather events in a warming world organized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
D Chen, H Rodhe, K Emanuel, SI Seneviratne, P Zhai, B Allard, P Berg, ...
Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology 72 (1), 1-13, 2020
The Potential of Using Tree-Ring Data from Jeju Island to Reconstruct Climate in Subtropical Korea and the Western North Pacific
P Zhang, JH Jeong, HW Linderholm, JY Jeong, R Salo, BM Kim, MS Kim
Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences 55 (3), 293-301, 2019
Responses of the radial growth of the endangered species Keteleeria fortunei to climate change in southeastern China
Z Zhao, K Fang, C Cao, D Chen, X Liang, Z Dong, P Zhang
Trees, 1-9, 2019
Co-varying temperatures at 200hpa over the Earth’s three poles
K Fang, P Zhang, J Chen, D Chen
SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences, 0
Are standing dead trees (snags) suitable as climate proxies? A case study from the central Scandinavian Mountains
E Farahat, P Zhang, BE Gunnarson, M Fuentes, P Stridbeck, ...
Scandinavian journal of forest research 33 (2), 114-124, 2018
Hydroclimate changes over Sweden in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: a millennium perspective
D Chen, P Zhang, K Seftigen, T Ou, M Giese, R Barthel
Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography, 1-29, 2020
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