Mark Ritter
Mark Ritter
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center의 이메일 확인됨
Exploitation of optical interconnects in future server architectures
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Electro-optical connectors
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Stepped electronic device package
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Specifications of nanoscale devices and circuits for neuromorphic computational systems
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Multi-protocol agile framer
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Three-dimensional architecture for self-checking and self-repairing integrated circuits
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Developing a" Physical" Model for Vias-Part II: Coupled and Ground Return Vias
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Integrated circuit testing system having a cantilevered contact lead probe pattern mounted on a flexible tape for interconnecting an integrated circuit to a tester
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Method for extending bandwidth of large core fiber optic transmission links
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System for address-event-representation network simulation
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Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) trench photodiode
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SiGe BiCMOS integrated circuits for high-speed serial communication links
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Wafer level I/O test, repair and/or customization enabled by I/O layer
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Data center and high performance computing interconnects for 100 Gb/s and beyond
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Optical bus for computer systems
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Electronic device elastomeric mounting and interconnection technology
RR Horton, IC Noyan, MJ Palmer, MB Ritter
US Patent 5,186,632, 1993
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