Sooyong Kang
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LRU-WSR: integration of LRU and writes sequence reordering for flash memory
H Jung, H Shim, S Park, S Kang, J Cha
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Performance trade-offs in using NVRAM write buffer for flash memory-based storage devices
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Vssim: Virtual machine based ssd simulator
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Deduplication in SSDs: Model and quantitative analysis
J Kim, C Lee, S Lee, I Son, J Choi, S Yoon, H Lee, S Kang, Y Won, J Cha
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SSD Characterization: From Energy Consumption's Perspective.
B Yoo, Y Won, S Cho, S Kang, J Choi, S Yoon
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Adaptive delay-based congestion control for high bandwidth-delay product networks
H Jung, S Kim, HY Yeom, S Kang, L Libman
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Parity cloud service: a privacy-protected personal data recovery service
C Song, S Park, D Kim, S Kang
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Method and device for storing data in a flash memory using address mapping for supporting various block sizes
SY Kang, YJ Won, JH Cha, SM Park, SR Yoon, JM Choi
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IO workload characterization revisited: A data-mining approach
B Seo, S Kang, J Choi, J Cha, Y Won, S Yoon
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Embedded NAND flash file system for mobile multimedia devices
H Kim, Y Won, S Kang
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Building concept network-based user profile for personalized web search
H Kim, S Lee, B Lee, S Kang
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LIRS-WSR: Integration of LIRS and writes sequence reordering for flash memory
H Jung, K Yoon, H Shim, S Park, S Kang, J Cha
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Transmission of video streams with constant bandwidth allocation
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Arthroscopic treatment of symptomatic internal snapping hip with combined pathologies
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Exploiting compression-induced internal fragmentation for power-off recovery in SSD
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Statistical admission control for soft real-time vod servers
S Kang, HY Yeom
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Design tradeoffs of SSDs: From energy consumption’s perspective
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Scalable database logging for multicores
H Jung, H Han, S Kang
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Clinical outcomes after arthroscopic acetabular labral repair using knot-tying or knotless suture technique
SM Rhee, SY Kang, EC Jang, JY Kim, YC Ha
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Server Selection Schemes Considering Node Status For a Fault-Tolerant Streaming Service on a Peer-to-Peer Network.
H Kim, S Kang, HY Yeom
JIPS 2 (1), 6-12, 2006
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