Yosep Han
Yosep Han
Resources Recovery Research Center, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM)
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Processable high internal phase Pickering emulsions using depletion attraction
KH Kim, S Kim, J Ryu, J Jeon, SG Jang, H Kim, DG Gweon, WB Im, Y Han, ...
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Millimeter-sized spherical ion-sieve foams with hierarchical pore structure for recovery of lithium from seawater
Y Han, H Kim, J Park
Chemical engineering journal 210, 482-489, 2012
Aggregation and dissolution of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by different methods: Influence of ionic strength and humic acid
Y Han, D Kim, G Hwang, B Lee, I Eom, PJ Kim, M Tong, H Kim
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Control of pore size in ceramic foams: influence of surfactant concentration
H Kim, S Lee, Y Han, JK Park
Materials Chemistry and Physics 113 (1), 441-444, 2009
Amine-impregnated millimeter-sized spherical silica foams with hierarchical mesoporous–macroporous structure for CO2 capture
Y Han, G Hwang, H Kim, BZ Haznedaroglu, B Lee
Chemical Engineering Journal 259, 653-662, 2015
Flotation behaviour of malachite in mono-and di-valent salt solutions using sodium oleate as a collector
J Choi, SQ Choi, K Park, Y Han, H Kim
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Bioleaching of highly concentrated arsenic mine tailings by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
J Park, Y Han, E Lee, U Choi, K Yoo, Y Song, H Kim
Separation and Purification Technology 133, 291-296, 2014
Transport, retention, and long-term release behavior of ZnO nanoparticle aggregates in saturated quartz sand: Role of solution pH and biofilm coating
Y Han, G Hwang, D Kim, SA Bradford, B Lee, I Eom, PJ Kim, SQ Choi, ...
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Preparation of dip-coated TiO 2 photocatalyst on ceramic foam pellets
H Kim, S Lee, Y Han, J Park
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Bioleaching of arsenic from highly contaminated mine tailings using Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans
E Lee, Y Han, J Park, J Hong, RA Silva, S Kim, H Kim
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Influence of Ti doping level on hydrogen adsorption of mesoporous Ti-SBA-15 materials prepared by direct synthesis
Y Han, H Kim, J Park, S Lee, J Kim
international journal of hydrogen energy 37 (19), 14240-14247, 2012
Apparatus for electronic component disassembly from printed circuit board assembly in e-wastes
S Park, S Kim, Y Han, J Park
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Synthesis of hierarchical MoO2/MoS2 nanofibers for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution.
NVM Y Rheem, Y Han, KH Lee, SM Choi
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Bioflotation of malachite using different growth phases of Rhodococcus opacus: Effect of bacterial shape on detachment by shear flow
G Kim, K Park, J Choi, A Gomez-Flores, Y Han, SQ Choi, H Kim
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Stability of carboxyl-functionalized carbon black nanoparticles: the role of solution chemistry and humic acid
Y Han, G Hwang, S Park, A Gomez-Flores, E Jo, IC Eom, M Tong, HJ Kim, ...
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Arsenic removal from contaminated soils for recycling via oil agglomerate flotation
J Choi, E Lee, SQ Choi, S Lee, Y Han, H Kim
Chemical Engineering Journal 285, 207-217, 2016
Porous Ca-based bead sorbents for simultaneous removal of SO2, fine particulate matters, and heavy metals from pilot plant sewage sludge incineration
Y Han, G Hwang, D Kim, S Park, H Kim
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Relationship between synthesis conditions and photocatalytic activity of nanocrystalline TiO2
Y Han, HS Kim, H Kim
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Experiences and future challenges of bioleaching research in South Korea
D Borja, KA Nguyen, RA Silva, JH Park, V Gupta, Y Han, Y Lee, H Kim
Minerals 6 (4), 128, 2016
Silanol-rich ordered mesoporous silica modified thiol group for enhanced recovery performance of Au (III) in acidic leachate solution
S Kim, S Park, S Han, Y Han, J Park
Chemical Engineering Journal 351, 1027-1037, 2018
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