Kyoung Soon Choi
Kyoung Soon Choi
Ph.D., Chungnam Innovation Agency of Science and Technology의 이메일 확인됨
Increased Work Function in Few‐Layer Graphene Sheets via Metal Chloride Doping
KC Kwon, KS Choi, SY Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (22), 4724-4731, 2012
Bioactive effects of graphene oxide cell culture substratum on structure and function of human adipose‐derived stem cells
J Kim, KS Choi, Y Kim, KT Lim, H Seonwoo, Y Park, DH Kim, PH Choung, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 101 (12), 3520-3530, 2013
Role of oxygen functional groups in graphene oxide for reversible room-temperature NO 2 sensing
YR Choi, YG Yoon, KS Choi, JH Kang, YS Shim, YH Kim, HJ Chang, ...
Carbon 91, 178-187, 2015
Magnetically retrievable nanocomposite adorned with Pd nanocatalysts: efficient reduction of nitroaromatics in aqueous media
M Shokouhimehr, K Hong, TH Lee, CW Moon, SP Hong, K Zhang, JM Suh, ...
Green Chemistry 20 (16), 3809-3817, 2018
Work-function decrease of graphene sheet using alkali metal carbonates
KC Kwon, KS Choi, BJ Kim, JL Lee, SY Kim
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (50), 26586-26591, 2012
Highly selective and sensitive chemoresistive humidity sensors based on rGO/MoS 2 van der Waals composites
SY Park, YH Kim, SY Lee, W Sohn, JE Lee, YS Shim, KC Kwon, KS Choi, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (12), 5016-5024, 2018
Eggshell membrane: Review and impact on engineering
S Park, KS Choi, D Lee, D Kim, KT Lim, KH Lee, H Seonwoo, J Kim
Biosystems Engineering 151, 446-463, 2016
Cesium lead iodide solar cells controlled by annealing temperature
YG Kim, TY Kim, JH Oh, KS Choi, YJ Kim, SY Kim
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (8), 6257-6263, 2017
Synthesis of Numerous Edge Sites in MoS2 via SiO2 Nanorods Platform for Highly Sensitive Gas Sensor
YS Shim, KC Kwon, JM Suh, KS Choi, YG Song, W Sohn, S Choi, K Hong, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (37), 31594-31602, 2018
p–p Heterojunction of nickel oxide-decorated cobalt oxide nanorods for enhanced sensitivity and selectivity toward volatile organic compounds
JM Suh, W Sohn, YS Shim, JS Choi, YG Song, TL Kim, JM Jeon, KC Kwon, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (1), 1050-1058, 2018
Graphene oxide/PEDOT: PSS and reduced graphene oxide/PEDOT: PSS hole extraction layers in organic photovoltaic cells
Y Park, K Soon Choi, S Young Kim
physica status solidi (a) 209 (7), 1363-1368, 2012
Polarized Light‐Emitting Diodes Based on Patterned MoS2 Nanosheet Hole Transport Layer
GJ Choi, Q Van Le, KS Choi, KC Kwon, HW Jang, JS Gwag, SY Kim
Advanced Materials 29 (36), 1702598, 2017
Drastically enhanced hydrogen evolution activity by 2D to 3D structural transition in anion-engineered molybdenum disulfide thin films for efficient Si-based water splitting …
KC Kwon, S Choi, J Lee, K Hong, W Sohn, DM Andoshe, KS Choi, Y Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (30), 15534-15542, 2017
Microlitre scale solution processing for controlled, rapid fabrication of chemically derived graphene thin films
YU Ko, S Cho, KS Choi, Y Park, ST Kim, NH Kim, SY Kim, ST Chang
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (8), 3606-3613, 2012
SnS2 Nanograins on Porous SiO2 Nanorods Template for Highly Sensitive NO2 Sensor at Room Temperature with Excellent Recovery
KC Kwon, JM Suh, TH Lee, KS Choi, K Hong, YG Song, YS Shim, ...
ACS sensors 4 (3), 678-686, 2019
Dual use of tantalum disulfides as hole and electron extraction layers in organic photovoltaic cells
Q Van Le, TP Nguyen, KS Choi, YH Cho, YJ Hong, SY Kim
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (46), 25468-25472, 2014
The role of metal dopants in WS2 nanoflowers in enhancing the hydrogen evolution reaction
A Hasani, TP Nguyen, M Tekalgne, Q Van Le, KS Choi, TH Lee, TJ Park, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 567, 73-79, 2018
Enhanced photocatalytic performance depending on morphology of bismuth vanadate thin film synthesized by pulsed laser deposition
SY Jeong, KS Choi, HM Shin, TL Kim, J Song, S Yoon, HW Jang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (1), 505-512, 2017
MoS2-nanosheet/graphene-oxide composite hole injection layer in organic light-emitting diodes
M Park, TP Nguyen, KS Choi, J Park, A Ozturk, SY Kim
Electronic Materials Letters 13 (4), 344-350, 2017
Carbon layer supported nickel catalyst for sodium borohydride (NaBH4) dehydrogenation
J Lee, H Shin, KS Choi, J Lee, JY Choi, HK Yu
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (5), 2943-2950, 2019
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