Joseph Wade
Joseph Wade
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The transcription factor Ifh1 is a key regulator of yeast ribosomal protein genes
JT Wade, DB Hall, K Struhl
Nature 432 (7020), 1054-1058, 2004
The transition between transcriptional initiation and elongation in E. coli is highly variable and often rate limiting
NB Reppas, JT Wade, GM Church, K Struhl
Molecular cell 24 (5), 747-757, 2006
Widespread antisense transcription in Escherichia coli
JE Dornenburg, AM DeVita, MJ Palumbo, JT Wade
MBio 1 (1), e00024-10, 2010
Extensive functional overlap between σ factors in Escherichia coli
JT Wade, DC Roa, DC Grainger, D Hurd, SJW Busby, K Struhl, E Nudler
Nature structural & molecular biology 13 (9), 806-814, 2006
An allosteric mechanism of Rho-dependent transcription termination
V Epshtein, D Dutta, J Wade, E Nudler
Nature 463 (7278), 245-249, 2010
Genomic analysis of LexA binding reveals the permissive nature of the Escherichia coli genome and identifies unconventional target sites
JT Wade, NB Reppas, GM Church, K Struhl
Genes & development 19 (21), 2619-2630, 2005
Pervasive transcription: illuminating the dark matter of bacterial transcriptomes
JT Wade, DC Grainger
Nature Reviews Microbiology 12 (9), 647-653, 2014
An HMG protein, Hmo1, associates with promoters of many ribosomal protein genes and throughout the rRNA gene locus in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
DB Hall, JT Wade, K Struhl
Molecular and cellular biology 26 (9), 3672-3679, 2006
Genomic analysis of protein–DNA interactions in bacteria: insights into transcription and chromosome organization
JT Wade, K Struhl, SJW Busby, DC Grainger
Molecular microbiology 65 (1), 21-26, 2007
A 3′ external transcribed spacer in a tRNA transcript acts as a sponge for small RNAs to prevent transcriptional noise
D Lalaouna, MC Carrier, S Semsey, JS Brouard, J Wang, JT Wade, ...
Molecular cell 58 (3), 393-405, 2015
The transition from transcriptional initiation to elongation
JT Wade, K Struhl
Current opinion in genetics & development 18 (2), 130-136, 2008
Leaderless transcripts and small proteins are common features of the mycobacterial translational landscape
SS Shell, J Wang, P Lapierre, M Mir, MR Chase, MM Pyle, R Gawande, ...
PLoS genetics 11 (11), 2015
Widespread suppression of intragenic transcription initiation by H-NS
SS Singh, N Singh, RP Bonocora, DM Fitzgerald, JT Wade, DC Grainger
Genes & development 28 (3), 214-219, 2014
Genomic studies with Escherichia coli MelR protein: applications of chromatin immunoprecipitation and microarrays
DC Grainger, TW Overton, N Reppas, JT Wade, E Tamai, JL Hobman, ...
Journal of bacteriology 186 (20), 6938-6943, 2004
Comprehensive mapping of the Escherichia coli flagellar regulatory network
DM Fitzgerald, RP Bonocora, JT Wade
PLoS genetics 10 (10), 2014
A simple mechanism for co‐dependence on two activators at an Escherichia coli promoter
JT Wade, TA Belyaeva, EI Hyde, SJW Busby
The EMBO journal 20 (24), 7160-7167, 2001
Distinct role of Mediator tail module in regulation of SAGA‐dependent, TATA‐containing genes in yeast
SA Ansari, M Ganapathi, JJ Benschop, FCP Holstege, JT Wade, ...
The EMBO journal 31 (1), 44-57, 2012
Transcription activation at the Escherichia coli melAB promoter: the role of MelR and the cyclic AMP receptor protein
TA Belyaeva, JT Wade, CL Webster, VJ Howard, MS Thomas, EI Hyde, ...
Molecular microbiology 36 (1), 211-222, 2000
H-NS and RNA polymerase: a love–hate relationship?
R Landick, JT Wade, DC Grainger
Current opinion in microbiology 24, 53-59, 2015
Identification of bacterial sRNA regulatory targets using ribosome profiling
J Wang, W Rennie, C Liu, CS Carmack, K Prévost, MP Caron, E Massé, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (21), 10308-10320, 2015
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