Baik Lin Seong
Baik Lin Seong
professor of biotechnology, yonsei university의 이메일 확인됨
Antiviral effect of catechins in green tea on influenza virus
JM Song, KH Lee, BL Seong
Antiviral research 68 (2), 66-74, 2005
Cell-permeable and biocompatible polymeric nanoparticles for apoptosis imaging
K Kim, M Lee, H Park, JH Kim, S Kim, H Chung, K Choi, IS Kim, BL Seong, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (11), 3490-3491, 2006
Pro‐apoptotic function of HBV X protein is mediated by interaction with c‐FLIP and enhancement of death‐inducing signal
KH Kim, BL Seong
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Type I Interferon Signaling Regulates Ly6Chi Monocytes and Neutrophils during Acute Viral Pneumonia in Mice
SU Seo, HJ Kwon, HJ Ko, YH Byun, BL Seong, S Uematsu, S Akira, ...
PLoS pathogens 7 (2), e1001304, 2011
Escherichia coli formylmethionine tRNA: mutations in GGGCCC sequence conserved in anticodon stem of initiator tRNAs affect initiation of protein synthesis and conformation of …
BL Seong, UL RajBhandary
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 84 (2), 334-338, 1987
A new method for reconstituting influenza polymerase and RNA in vitro: a study of the promoter elements for cRNA and vRNA synthesis in vitro and viral rescue in vivo
BL Seong, GG Brownlee
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Structural and sequence elements important for recognition of Escherichia coli formylmethionine tRNA by methionyl-tRNA transformylase are clustered in the acceptor stem.
CP Lee, BL Seong, UL RajBhandary
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Photochemical cross-linking of influenza A polymerase to its virion RNA promoter defines a polymerase binding site at residues 9 to 12 of the promoter
E Fodor, BL Seong, GG Brownlee
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MyD88 signaling is indispensable for primary influenza A virus infection but dispensable for secondary infection
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Mutants of Escherichia coli formylmethionine tRNA: a single base change enables initiator tRNA to act as an elongator in vitro
BL Seong, UL RajBhandary
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Recombinant enterokinase light chain with affinity tag: Expression from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its utilities in fusion protein technology
SII Choi, HW Song, JW Moon, BL Seong
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Tea catechins as a potential alternative anti-infectious agent
JM Song, BL Seong
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Biological evaluation of anti-influenza viral activity of semi-synthetic catechin derivatives
JM Song, KD Park, KH Lee, YH Byun, JH Park, SH Kim, JH Kim, ...
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Suppression of amber codons in vivo as evidence that mutants derived from Escherichia coli initiator tRNA can act at the step of elongation in protein synthesis
BL Seong, CP Lee, UL RajBhandary
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Design and biological evaluation of novel tubulin inhibitors as antimitotic agents using a pharmacophore binding model with tubulin
DY Kim, KH Kim, ND Kim, KY Lee, CK Han, JH Yoon, SK Moon, SS Lee, ...
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Mutants of initiator tRNA that function both as initiators and elongators.
U Varshney, CP Lee, BL Seong, UL RajBhandary
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Broad‐spectrum antiviral effect of Agrimonia pilosa extract on influenza viruses
WJ Shin, KH Lee, MH Park, BL Seong
Microbiology and Immunology 54 (1), 11-19, 2010
Extracellular zinc stimulates ERK‐dependent activation of p21Cip/WAF1 and inhibits proliferation of colorectal cancer cells
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IL-6 induces long-term protective immunity against a lethal challenge of influenza virus
SW Lee, JW Youn, BL Seong, YC Sung
Vaccine 17 (5), 490-496, 1999
Pharmacophore-based virtual screening: a review of recent applications
KH Kim, ND Kim, BL Seong
Expert opinion on drug discovery 5 (3), 205-222, 2010
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