Andrea Passerini
Andrea Passerini
Associate Professor, University of Trento
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DISULFIND: a disulfide bonding state and cysteine connectivity prediction server
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New results on error correcting output codes of kernel machines
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Deep learning for classification and localization of COVID-19 markers in point-of-care lung ultrasound
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Automatic semantics extraction in law documents
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kFOIL: Learning simple relational kernels
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Identifying cysteines and histidines in transition‐metal‐binding sites using support vector machines and neural networks
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Predicting zinc binding at the proteome level
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Probabilistic inference in hybrid domains by weighted model integration
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MetalDetector v2. 0: predicting the geometry of metal binding sites from protein sequence
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Hashing-based approximate probabilistic inference in hybrid domains
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MetalDetector: a web server for predicting metal-binding sites and disulfide bridges in proteins from sequence
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Automatic classification of provisions in legislative texts
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A two-stage SVM architecture for predicting the disulfide bonding state of cysteines
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Characterization of metalloproteins by high-throughput X-ray absorption spectroscopy
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Fast learning of relational kernels
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Structured learning modulo theories
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Kernels on Prolog Proof Trees: Statistical Learning in the ILP Setting.
A Passerini, P Frasconi, L De Raedt, R Olsson, U Schmid
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Learning constraints from examples
L De Raedt, A Passerini, S Teso
Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2018
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