Nuning Nuraini
Nuning Nuraini
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Bandung의 이메일 확인됨
Mathematical model of dengue disease transmission with severe DHF compartment
N Nuraini, E Soewono, KA Sidarto
Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society 30 (2), 2007
A with-in host dengue infection model with immune response
N Nuraini, H Tasman, E Soewono, KA Sidarto
Mathematical and Computer Modelling 49 (5-6), 1148-1155, 2009
Modeling simulation of COVID-19 in Indonesia based on early endemic data
N Nuraini, K Khairudin, M Apri
Transfer kernel common spatial patterns for motor imagery brain-computer interface classification
M Dai, D Zheng, S Liu, P Zhang
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine 2018, 2018
A mathematical model of dengue internal transmission process
N Nuraini, E Soewono, KA Sidarto
Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society 13 (1), 123-132, 2007
Optimal control problem in preventing of swine flu disease transmission
D Aldila, N Nuraini, E Soewono
Applied Mathematical Sciences 8 (71), 3501-3512, 2014
Mathematical model of temephos resistance in Aedes aegypti mosquito population
D Aldila, N Nuraini, E Soewono, AK Supriatna
AIP Conference Proceedings 1589 (1), 460-463, 2014
Superspreading in early transmissions of COVID-19 in Indonesia
A Hasan, H Susanto, MF Kasim, N Nuraini, B Lestari, D Triany, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-4, 2020
Optimal control problem of treatment for obesity in a closed population
D Aldila, N Rarasati, N Nuraini, E Soewono
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 2014, 2014
Temephos spraying and thermal fogging efficacy on Aedes aegypti in homogeneous urban residences
KP Wijaya, T Goetz, E Soewono, N Nuraini
ScienceAsia 39, 48-56, 2013
A model incorporating combined RTIs and PIs therapy during early HIV-1 infection
F Chirove, E Soewono, N Nuraini, LB Suromo
Mathematical biosciences 285, 102-111, 2017
Data dan Simulasi COVID-19 dipandang dari pendekatan model matematika
N Nuraini, K Khairudin, M Apri
Preprint, 2020
Mathematical model in controlling dengue transmission with sterile mosquito strategies
D Aldila, N Nuraini, E Soewono
AIP Conference Proceedings 1677 (1), 030002, 2015
On the analysis of effectiveness in mass application of mosquito repellent for dengue disease prevention
D Aldila, E Soewono, N Nuraini
AIP Conference Proceedings 1450 (1), 103-109, 2012
Sistem kontrol nutrisi hidroponik dengan menggunakan logika fuzzy
S Suprijadi, N Nuraini, M Yusuf
Jurnal Otomasi, Kontrol & Instrumentasi 1 (1), 2011
The importance of gas pipeline network optimization
S Siregar, SM Nababn, R Saragih, N Nuraini, B Arif, D Chaerani
Proceedings of the Sixth AEESEAP Triennial Conference, 23-25, 2000
Analysis of Combined Langerhans and CD T Cells HIV Infection
F Chirove, Sutimin, E Soewono, N Nuraini
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 74 (4), 1174-1193, 2014
In vitro antibacterial and antifungal activities of twelve sponges collected from the Anambas Islands, Indonesia
MY Putra, TA Hadi, T Murniasih
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease 6 (9), 732-735, 2016
A dengue vaccination model for immigrants in a two-age-class population
H Tasman, AK Supriatna, N Nuraini, E Soewono
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 2012, 2012
Estimation of the basic reproductive ratio for dengue fever at the take-off period of dengue infection
SW Indratno, N Nuraini, AK Supriatna, E Soewono
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine 2015, 2015
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