Ammar El-Husseiny
Ammar El-Husseiny
Assistant Professor of Geophysics, KFUPM의 이메일 확인됨
The effect of micrite content on the acoustic velocity of carbonate rocks
A El Husseiny, T Vanorio
Geophysics 80 (4), L45-L55, 2015
Predicting porosity of binary mixtures made out of irregular nonspherical particles: Application to natural sediments
A El-Husseiny, T Vanorio, G Mavko
Advanced Powder Technology 30 (8), 1558-1566, 2019
Porosity-permeability relationship in dual-porosity carbonate analogs
A El Husseiny, T Vanorio
Geophysics 82 (1), MR65-MR74, 2017
A New Method To Evaluate Reaction Kinetics of Acids with Carbonate Rocks Using NMR Diffusion Measurements
M Elsayed, M Mahmoud, A El-Husseiny, MS Kamal, K Al-Garadi
Energy & Fuels 34 (1), 787-797, 2019
Quantitative tortuosity measurements of carbonate rocks using pulsed field gradient nmr
K Yang, M Li, NNA Ling, EF May, PRJ Connolly, L Esteban, MB Clennell, ...
Transport in Porous Media 130 (3), 847-865, 2019
Synthesis of micritic carbonate analogs: Effect on velocity-pressure sensitivity and dissolution
AE Husseiny, T Vanorio
SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2013, 2797-2801, 2013
A laboratory study of the link between NMR relaxation data and pore size in carbonate skeletal grains and micrite
A El-Husseiny, R Knight
Petrophysics 58 (02), 116-125, 2017
The effect of pore structure complexity and saturation history on the variations of acoustic velocity as function of brine and oil saturation in carbonates
A El-Husseiny, S Vega, S Nizamuddin
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 179, 180-191, 2019
Asphaltene precipitation and deposition: A critical review
I Mohammed, M Mahmoud, D Al Shehri, A El-Husseiny, O Alade
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 107956, 2020
Improved Packing Model for Functionally Graded Sand-Fines Mixtures—Incorporation of Fines Cohesive Packing Behavior
A El-Husseiny
Applied Sciences 10 (2), 562, 2020
The Effect of Clay Content on the Spin–Spin NMR Relaxation Time Measured in Porous Media
M Elsayed, G Glatz, A El-Husseiny, A Alqubalee, A Adebayo, K Al-Garadi, ...
ACS omega 5 (12), 6545-6555, 2020
Diagenetic controls on the elastic velocity of the early Triassic Upper Khartam Member (Khuff Formation, central Saudi Arabia)
M Salih, JJG Reijmer, A El-Husseiny
Marine and Petroleum Geology 124, 104823, 2021
Shale rock core analysis using NMR: Effect of bitumen and water content
K Yang, PRJ Connolly, M Li, SJ Seltzer, DK McCarty, M Mahmoud, ...
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 195, 107847, 2020
The effect of micrite content and macroporosity on the transport and elastic properties of carbonates
El Husseiny, A.
Stanford University, 2016
Correlation Of Outcrop, Seismic, Core Plugs And Thin Sections In Cretaceous Carbonate Rocks From Wasia Group In The UAE
AH El Husseiny, S Vega, SA Al Mesaabi, M Ali, R Weger, GP Eberli
Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, 2010
Physical properties of Cretaceous to Eocene platform-to-basin carbonates from Albania
J Jaballah, JJG Reijmer, A El-Husseiny, J Le Goff, A Hairabian, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 128, 105022, 2021
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Magnetic Field Strength and Internal Gradient on NMR-Derived Petrophysical Properties of Sandstones
M Elsayed, A El-Husseiny, I Kadafur, M Mahmoud, MS Aljawad, ...
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 108811, 2021
Numerical and Experimental Study to Determine the Permeability Anisotropy in Porous Rocks from Probe Permeameter Measurements
K Al-Azani, A El-Husseiny, M Mahmoud, H Al-Yousef, M Elsayed
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 1-12, 2021
Drainage mechanisms in gas reservoirs with bimodal pores–A core and pore scale study
A Isah, AR Adebayo, M Mahmoud, LO Babalola, A El-Husseiny
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 86, 103652, 2021
Unified Packing Model for Improved Prediction of Porosity and Hydraulic Conductivity of Binary Mixed Soils
A El-Husseiny
Water 13 (4), 455, 2021
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