Hannah Power
Hannah Power
School of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Newcastle
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Large-scale experiments on beach profile evolution and surf and swash zone sediment transport induced by long waves, wave groups and random waves
TE Baldock, JA Alsina, I Caceres, D Vicinanza, P Contestabile, H Power, ...
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Coral reef structural complexity provides important coastal protection from waves under rising sea levels
DL Harris, A Rovere, E Casella, H Power, R Canavesio, A Collin, ...
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Prediction of wave runup on beaches using Gene-Expression Programming and empirical relationships
HE Power, B Gharabaghi, H Bonakdari, B Robertson, AL Atkinson, ...
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Examining rip current escape strategies in non-traditional beach morphologies
BR Van Leeuwen, RJ McCarroll, RW Brander, IL Turner, HE Power, ...
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Coral reef sediment dynamics: evidence of sand-apron evolution on a daily and decadal scale
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A novel machine learning algorithm for tracking remotely sensed waves in the surf zone
CE Stringari, DL Harris, HE Power
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Energy Dissipation in the Inner Surf Zone: New Insights From Li DAR‐Based Roller Geometry Measurements
K Martins, CE Blenkinsopp, R Deigaard, HE Power
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Modelling Holocene analogues of coastal plain estuaries reveals the magnitude of sea-level threat
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A novel method for tracking individual waves in the surf zone
HE Power, MG Hughes, TE Baldock
Coastal Engineering 98, 26-30, 2015
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