Francois-Xavier Standaert
Francois-Xavier Standaert
Senior Associate Researcher (FNRS-F.R.S), Université catholique de Louvain
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A unified framework for the analysis of side-channel key recovery attacks
FX Standaert, T Malkin, M Yung
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On the energy cost of communication and cryptography in wireless sensor networks
G De Meulenaer, F Gosset, FX Standaert, O Pereira
Networking and Communications, 2008. WIMOB'08. IEEE International Conference …, 2008
Template attacks in principal subspaces
C Archambeau, E Peeters, FX Standaert, JJ Quisquater
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SEA: A scalable encryption algorithm for small embedded applications
FX Standaert, G Piret, N Gershenfeld, JJ Quisquater
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L Batina, B Gierlichs, E Prouff, M Rivain, FX Standaert, ...
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One for all - all for one: unifying standard differential power analysis attacks
S Mangard, E Oswald, FX Standaert
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The swiss-knife RFID distance bounding protocol
CH Kim, G Avoine, F Koeune, FX Standaert, O Pereira
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Power and electromagnetic analysis: Improved model, consequences and comparisons
E Peeters, FX Standaert, JJ Quisquater
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A formalization of the security features of physical functions
F Armknecht, R Maes, A Sadeghi, FX Standaert, C Wachsmann
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LS-designs: Bitslice encryption for efficient masked software implementations
V Grosso, G Leurent, FX Standaert, K Varıcı
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Univariate side channel attacks and leakage modeling
J Doget, E Prouff, M Rivain, FX Standaert
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The world is not enough: Another look on second-order DPA
FX Standaert, N Veyrat-Charvillon, E Oswald, B Gierlichs, M Medwed, ...
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A formal study of power variability issues and side-channel attacks for nanoscale devices
M Renauld, FX Standaert, N Veyrat-Charvillon, D Kamel, D Flandre
Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of …, 2011
Fresh re-keying: Security against side-channel and fault attacks for low-cost devices
M Medwed, FX Standaert, J Großschädl, F Regazzoni
International Conference on Cryptology in Africa, 279-296, 2010
Algebraic side-channel attacks on the AES: Why time also matters in DPA
M Renauld, FX Standaert, N Veyrat-Charvillon
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Shuffling against side-channel attacks: A comprehensive study with cautionary note
N Veyrat-Charvillon, M Medwed, S Kerckhof, FX Standaert
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Block ciphers that are easier to mask: How far can we go?
B Gérard, V Grosso, M Naya-Plasencia, FX Standaert
International Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, 383-399, 2013
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