Manuel León Urrutia
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MOOCs for Universities and Learners an analysis of motivating factors
HC Davis, K Dickens, M Leon Urrutia, MM Sanchéz Vera, S White
MOOCs: What motivates the producers and participants?
S White, H Davis, K Dickens, M León, MM Sánchez-Vera
International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 99-114, 2014
Analysis of interpersonal competences in the use of ICT in the Spanish University Context
E Vázquez-Cano, M León Urrutia, ME Parra-González, E López Meneses
Sustainability 12 (2), 476, 2020
Challenges in the creation, development and implementation of MOOCs: Web Science course at the University of Southampton
MM Sánchez-Vera, M Leon Urrutia, HC Davis
Comunicar 22 (44), 37-43, 2015
MOOCs and their influence on higher education institutions: Perspectives from the insiders
M Len-Urritia, R Cobos, K Dickens
Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal) 7 (1), 40-45, 2018
Desafíos en la creación, desarrollo e implementación de los MOOC: El curso de Web Science en la Universidad de Southampton= Challenges in the Creation, Development and …
MM Sánchez Vera, M León Urrutia, H Davis
Desafíos en la creación, desarrollo e implementación de los MOOC: El curso …, 2015
Professional development through MOOCs in higher education institutions: Challenges and opportunities for PhD students working as mentors
M Leon Urrutia, S Fielding, S White
Journal of Interactive Media in Education 1, 1-11, 2016
Visualising the MOOC experience: a dynamic MOOC dashboard built through institutional collaboration
M Leon Urrutia, R Cobos, K Dickens, S White, H Davis
MOOCs Inside Universities
S White, M Leon, S White
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computer Supported …, 2015
Mentoring at scale: MOOC mentor interventions towards a connected learning community
M Leon Urrutia, S White, K Dickens, S White
MOOCs in Higher Education magazines: a content analysis of internal stakeholder perspectives
ML Urrutia, S White, S White
International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 395-405, 2015
Blended learning with Moocs
M Eradze, ML Urrutia, V Reda, R Kerr
European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit, 53-58, 2019
Analítica de aprendizaje en MOOC mediante métricas dinámicas en tiempo real.@ tic. revista d’innovació educativa. 18, 38-47
M León-Urrutia, E Vázquez-Cano, E López-Meneses
Participative Design of qMOOCs with Deep Learning and 3d Virtual Immersive Environments: The case of MOOCAgora
S Mystakidis, E Berki
Can MOOCs save Europe’s unemployed youth? Workshop. ECTEL 2014 Conference …, 2014
Completion, comments and repurposing a digital accessibility MOOC
EA Draffan, M Leon, A James, S Aljaloud, M Wald
International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, 138-145, 2018
Enhancing the student experience: integrating MOOCs into campus based modules
N Fair, S Russell, L Harris, M Leon Urrutia
Internal perspectives of MOOCs in universities
M León Urrutia, R Cobos, K Dickens
CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2017
A new participative space for MOOCs: overtaking technological evolution to achieve educational innovation
N Roland, E Uyttebrouck, P Emplit
Proceedings of the EMOOCs 2015, the Third European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit …, 2015
Massive open online course mentoring for a connected community of practice of language teachers
S White, M Leon Urrutia, K Borthwick, S White
eLearning Papers 45, 43-48, 2015
Trends and good practices in research and teaching
M León-Urrutia, E Vázquez-Cano, N Fair, E López-Meneses
Barcelona: Octaedro, 2019
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