Duan Liu
Duan Liu
School of Mechanical Engineering, Hubei University of Technology
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A dual-wavelength fiber laser sensor system for measurement of temperature and strain
D Liu, NQ Ngo, SC Tjin, X Dong
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 19 (15), 1148-1150, 2007
DNA methyltransferase expression in triple-negative breast cancer predicts sensitivity to decitabine
J Yu, B Qin, AM Moyer, S Nowsheen, T Liu, S Qin, Y Zhuang, D Liu, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 128 (6), 2376-2388, 2018
TSPAN5, ERICH3 and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in major depressive disorder: pharmacometabolomics-informed pharmacogenomics
M Gupta, D Neavin, D Liu, J Biernacka, D Hall-Flavin, WV Bobo, MA Frye, ...
Molecular psychiatry 21 (12), 1717-1725, 2016
A stable dual-wavelength fiber laser with tunable wavelength spacing using a polarization-maintaining linear cavity
D Liu, NQ Ngo, XY Dong, SC Tjin, P Shum
Applied Physics B 81 (6), 807-811, 2005
Simultaneous wavelength and frequency encoded microstructure based quasi-distributed temperature sensor
X Li, Q Sun, D Liu, R Liang, J Zhang, J Wo, PP Shum, D Liu
Optics express 20 (11), 12076-12084, 2012
Effects of CYP2C9* 3 and CYP2C9* 13 on diclofenac metabolism and inhibition-based drug-drug interactions
J Zi, D Liu, P Ma, H Huang, J Zhu, D Wei, J Yang, C Chen
Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics 25 (4), 343-350, 2010
Tunable microwave photonic notch filter using a dual-wavelength fiber laser with phase modulation
D Liu, NQ Ngo, G Ning, P Shum, SC Tjin
Optics communications 266 (1), 240-248, 2006
Ultrahigh-repetition-rate bound-soliton fiber laser
LM Zhao, DY Tang, D Liu
Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 99 (3), 441-447, 2010
Thermally switchable and discretely tunable comb filter with a linearly chirped fiber Bragg grating
NQ Ngo, D Liu, SC Tjin, X Dong, P Shum
Optics letters 30 (22), 2994-2996, 2005
Survey of recycled rare earths metallurgical processing
CD Anderson, CG Anderson, PR Taylor
Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly 52 (3), 249-256, 2013
Hybrid learning in stochastic games and its applications in network security
Q Zhu, H Tembine, T Basar
Reinforcement Learning and Approximate Dynamic Programming for Feedback …, 2013
A fiber Bragg grating sensor network using an improved differential evolution algorithm
D Liu, K Tang, Z Yang, D Liu
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 23 (19), 1385-1387, 2011
Evaluation of the effects of 20 nonsynonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms of CYP2C19 on S-mephenytoin 4′-hydroxylation and omeprazole 5′-hydroxylation
H Wang, N An, H Wang, Y Gao, D Liu, T Bian, J Zhu, C Chen
Drug metabolism and disposition 39 (5), 830-837, 2011
Association analysis of CYP2A6 genotypes and haplotypes with 5-fluorouracil formation from tegafur in human liver microsomes
H Wang, T Bian, D Liu, T Jin, Y Chen, A Lin, C Chen
Pharmacogenomics 12 (4), 481-492, 2011
Metabolism of tanshinol borneol ester in rat and human liver microsomes
D Liu, X Zheng, Y Tang, J Zi, Y Nan, S Wang, C Xiao, J Zhu, C Chen
Drug Metabolism and Disposition 38 (9), 1464-1470, 2010
Defective Fas ligand–mediated apoptosis predisposes to development of a chronic erosive arthritis subsequent to Mycoplasma pulmonis infection
HC Hsu, HG Zhang, GG Song, J Xie, D Liu, PA Yang, M Fleck, ...
Arthritis & Rheumatism: Official Journal of the American College of …, 2001
Comb Filter-Based Fiber-Optic Methane Sensor System With Mitigation of Cross Gas Sensitivity
D Liu, S Fu, M Tang, P Shum, D Liu
Journal of Lightwave Technology 30 (19), 3103-3109, 2012
Temperature stability improvement of a multiwavelength Sagnac loop fiber laser using a high-birefringent photonic crystal fiber as a birefringent component
X Yu, D Liu, H Dong, SN Fu, XY Dong, M Tang, P Shum, NQ Ngo
Optical Engineering 45 (4), 044201, 2006
Method for adjusting the write speed of data recording device and apparatus thereof
HY Tseng, SC Lee, CH Liu
US Patent 6,922,382, 2005
Stable multiwavelength fiber ring laser with equalized power spectrum based on a semiconductor optical amplifier
D Liu, NQ Ngo, H Liu, D Liu
Optics Communications 282 (8), 1598-1601, 2009
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