Jaume Nualart-Vilaplana
Jaume Nualart-Vilaplana
Lecturing Data Visualization at UOC.edu. Researching eHealth devices & digital libraries
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How we draw texts: a review of approaches to text visualization and exploration
J Nualart, M Pérez-Montoro Gutiérrez, M Whitelan
El Profesional de la Informacion 23 (3), 2014
Visual articulation of navigation and search systems for digital libraries
M Pérez-Montoro, J Nualart
International Journal of Information Management 35 (5), 572-579, 2015
Segmentation of patent claims for improving their readability
G Ferraro, H Suominen, J Nualart
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability …, 2014
Task 1 of the CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2014: visual-interactive search and exploration of eHealth data
H Suominen, T Schreck, G Leroy, H Hochheiser, L Goeuriot, L Kelly, ...
CLEF 2014 Conference, 1-30, 2014
Texty, a visualization tool to aid selection of texts from search outputs
J Nualart, M Pérez-Montoro
Information Research 18 (2), 2013
Diggersdiaries: Using Text Analysis to Support Exploration and Reading in a Large Document Collection.
JN Vilaplana, M Pérez-Montoro, I ANZAC soldiers’diaries
EuroVis (Posters), 9-11, 2017
Task 1a of the CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2015
H Suominen, L Hanlen, L Goeuriot, L Kelly, GJF Jones
6th International Conference on Labs of the Evaluation Forum, CLEF 2015, 1-18, 2015
Text Analysis and Visualisation: creating deep interfaces to read textual document collections
JN Vilaplana
Visual anomaly detection in spatio-temporal data using element-specific references
D Alcaide, J Thiyagarajan, H Lamqaddam, J Nualart Vilaplana, J Aerts
Prof. VAST Challenge 2016, 1-2, 2016
User Study for Measuring Linguistic Complexity and Its Reduction by Technology on a Patent Website
H Suominen, G Ferraro, J Nualart, L Hanlen
Feminicides in Area: interactive visualizations of Feminicides in the Spanish State. Feminicidios en Area: Visualizaciones interactivas de los Feminicidios en el Estado Español.
NV Bosch, JN Vilaplana
Towards a rhizomatic narrative
J Nualart, G Ferraro
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