Sajjad Gharechelou
Sajjad Gharechelou
Ph.D. Candidate At University Of Tehran의 이메일 확인됨
Pore types distribution and their reservoir properties in the sequence stratigraphic framework: a case study from the Oligo-Miocene Asmari Formation, SW Iran
S Gharechelou, M Daraei, A Amini
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 9 (3), 194, 2016
Fracture characterization by fusion of geophysical and geomechanical data: a case study from the Asmari reservoir, the Central Zagros fold-thrust belt
E Kosari, S Gharechelou, A Kadkhodaie-Ilkhchi, B Abbas
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering 12, 130-143, 2015
An integrated approach for determination of pore-type distribution in carbonate-siliciclastic Asmari Reservoir, Cheshmeh-Khosh Oilfield, SW Iran
S Gharechelou, A Amini, A Kadkhodaie-Ilkhchi, B Moradi
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering 12 (5), 793-809, 2015
Rock typing and reservoir zonation based on the NMR logging and geological attributes in the mixed carbonate-siliciclastic Asmari Reservoir
Gharechelou S., Amini A., Kadkhodaie A., Hosseini Z., Honarmand J.
Geopersia 8 (1), 2018
Optimal design of BP algorithm by ACOR model for groundwater-level forecasting: A case study on Shabestar plain, Iran
Z Hosseini, S Gharechelou, M Nakhaei, S Gharechelou
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 9 (6), 436, 2016
Diagenetic impacts on hydraulic flow unit properties: insight from the Jurassic carbonate Upper Arab Formation in the Persian Gulf
M Sharifi-Yazdi, H Rahimpour-Bonab, M Nazemi, V Tavakoli, ...
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 10 (5), 1783-1802, 2020
Relationship between the sedimentary microfacies and geomechanical behavior of the Asmari Formation carbonates, southwestern Iran
S Gharechelou, A Amini, B Bohloli, R Swennen
Marine and Petroleum Geology 116, 104306, 2020
Distribution of geomechanical units constrained by sequence stratigraphic framework: useful data improving reservoir characterization
S Gharechelou, A Amini, B Bohloli, R Swennen, A Nikandish, V Farajpour
Marine and Petroleum Geology 117, 2020
Depositional environment and diagenesis of Asmari Formation in the well-A (oilfield at western Lorestan basin) and Syah-koh Anticline (Zagros fold–thrust belt, west Iran …
Z Mohammadi, S Gharechelou, M Mozafari, M Liyaghat, M Jalali, ...
Shear wave velocity estimation utilizing statistical and multi-intelligent models from petrophysical data in a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic reservoir, SW Iran
Z Hosseini, S Gharechelou, A Mahboubi, R Moussavi-Harami, ...
Iranian Journal of Oil and Gas Science and Technology 10 (1), 2021
Role of sedimentary microfacies characteristics in rock mechanical behavior, A case study Asmari Formation SW Iran
S Gharechelou, A Amini, M Shirazi, A Nikandish, V Farajpour
Journal of Petroleum Research 30, 80-95, 2020
Rock Types determination by integration of petrophysical data and sedimentological features in one of the mixed carbonate-siliciclastic reservoir SW Iran
S Gharechelou, A Amini, A Kadkhodaie, Z Hosseini, J Honarmand
11th symposium of Sedimentological Society of Iran, 2017
Biostratigraphy of Asmari Formation in One of the oil fields in Dezful embayment
M Hadadi, S Garehghelou, H Rameh
11th symposium of Iranian Paleontological Society, 2017
A Review to estimation methods of Total Organic Carbon, from empirical relations to hybrid intelligent systems
Hosseini Z., Gharechelou s.
Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas 147, 51-56, 2017
Evaluation of particle swarm optimization in synthesis of shear wave velocity using conventional well log data
Hosseini Z., Kadkhodaie A., Gharechelou S.
Geology New Finding (Journal of Science) 2 (2), 181-194, 2017
Using of Hybrid ACOR-BP Algorithm for Estimation of Shear Wave Velocity from Porosity Logs
Hosseini Z., Gharechelou S., Kadkhodaie A.
Petroleum Research (RIPI) 26 (6), 121-135, 2017
Determination of pore types distribution in the Asmari Reservoir by using of 3D seismic attributes
Gharechelou S., Hosseini Z., Kadkhodaie A., Chehrazi A.
Petroleum Research (RIPI) 27 (5), 60-75, 2017
Pore type distribution assessment in sequence stratigraphic framework of Asmari Formation, in one of the NW Dezfule embayment
S Gharechelou, A Amini, E Kosari, B Moradi
33rd Nattional Geoscience Symposium, 2016
A New Concept of RMF as Create the Relation Between Facies and Rock Mechanic: A Case Study From Asmari Reservoir
S Gharechelou, A Amini, Z Hosseini
AAPG/ Annual Convention & Exhibition, 19-22 June 2016, Calgary, 2016
Determination of mechanical and sedimentological properties of Asmari reservoir in one of the northwestern Dezful Embayment oilfields
Sohrabi S., Gharechelou S., Kadkhodaie A., Rahimpour-Bonab H., Montazeri G.H ...
Petroleum Research (RIPI) 26 (5), 114-128, 2015
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