Jong Bae Park(박종배)
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Improved heat dissipation in gallium nitride light-emitting diodes with embedded graphene oxide pattern
N Han, TV Cuong, M Han, BD Ryu, S Chandramohan, JB Park, JH Kang, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-8, 2013
Protein nanopatterns and biosensors using gold binding polypeptide as a fusion partner
TJ Park, SY Lee, SJ Lee, JP Park, KS Yang, KB Lee, S Ko, JB Park, T Kim, ...
Analytical chemistry 78 (20), 7197-7205, 2006
Highly monodispersed PbS quantum dots for outstanding cascaded-junction solar cells
B Hou, Y Cho, BS Kim, J Hong, JB Park, SJ Ahn, JI Sohn, SN Cha, JM Kim
ACS energy letters 1 (4), 834-839, 2016
High performance PbS quantum dot/graphene hybrid solar cell with efficient charge extraction
BS Kim, DCJ Neo, B Hou, JB Park, Y Cho, N Zhang, J Hong, S Pak, S Lee, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (22), 13902-13908, 2016
Growth characteristics of carbon nanotubes via aluminum nanopore template on Si substrate using PECVD
MJ Kim, JH Choi, JB Park, SK Kim, JB Yoo, CY Park
Thin Solid Films 435 (1-2), 312-317, 2003
Work-function-tuned multilayer graphene as current spreading electrode in blue light-emitting diodes
S Chandramohan, J Hye Kang, YS Katharria, N Han, Y Seon Beak, ...
Applied Physics Letters 100 (2), 023502, 2012
Hydrogen-induced morphotropic phase transformation of single-crystalline vanadium dioxide nanobeams
WK Hong, JB Park, J Yoon, BJ Kim, JI Sohn, YB Lee, TS Bae, SJ Chang, ...
Nano letters 13 (4), 1822-1828, 2013
Growth of carbon nanotubes with anodic aluminum oxide formed on the catalytic metal-coated Si substrate
MJ Kim, TY Lee, JH Choi, JB Park, JS Lee, SK Kim, JB Yoo, CY Park
Diamond and Related Materials 12 (3-7), 870-873, 2003
Facile performance enhancement of reverse osmosis membranes via solvent activation with benzyl alcohol
MG Shin, SH Park, SJ Kwon, HE Kwon, JB Park, JH Lee
Journal of membrane science 578, 220-229, 2019
Comparative dispersion studies of single-walled carbon nanotubes in aqueous solution
B Koh, JB Park, X Hou, W Cheng
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (11), 2627-2633, 2011
Enhanced energy harvesting based on surface morphology engineering of P (VDF-TrFE) film
Y Cho, JB Park, BS Kim, J Lee, WK Hong, IK Park, JE Jang, JI Sohn, ...
Nano Energy 16, 524-532, 2015
Spectroscopic assessment of the role of hydrogen in surface defects, in the electronic structure and transport properties of TiO 2, ZnO and SnO 2 nanoparticles
D Flak, A Braun, BS Mun, JB Park, M Parlinska-Wojtan, T Graule, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (5), 1417-1430, 2013
Chemically modified multilayer graphene with metal interlayer as an efficient current spreading electrode for InGaN/GaN blue light-emitting diodes
S Chandramohan, JH Kang, YS Katharria, N Han, YS Beak, KB Ko, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45 (14), 145101, 2012
Impact of Interlayer Processing Conditions on the Performance of GaN Light-Emitting Diode with Specific NiOx/Graphene Electrode
S Chandramohan, JH Kang, BD Ryu, JH Yang, S Kim, H Kim, JB Park, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (3), 958-964, 2013
Formation of λ-DNA's in parallel-and crossed-line arrays by molecular combing and scanning-probe lithography
M Shin, C Kwon, SK Kim, HJ Kim, Y Roh, B Hong, JB Park, H Lee
Nano letters 6 (7), 1334-1338, 2006
Enhanced Ferroelectric Property of P (VDF‐TrFE‐CTFE) Film Using Room‐Temperature Crystallization for High‐Performance Ferroelectric Device Applications
Y Cho, D Ahn, JB Park, S Pak, S Lee, BO Jun, J Hong, SY Lee, JE Jang, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 2 (10), 1600225, 2016
Fluorophore and dye-assisted dispersion of carbon nanotubes in aqueous solution
B Koh, G Kim, HK Yoon, JB Park, R Kopelman, W Cheng
Langmuir 28 (32), 11676-11686, 2012
Two-dimensional nanopatterning by PDMS relief structures of polymeric colloidal crystals
HJ Nam, JH Kim, DY Jung, JB Park, HS Lee
Applied surface science 254 (16), 5134-5140, 2008
In situ probing of doping-and stress-mediated phase transitions in a single-crystalline VO 2 nanobeam by spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy
SJ Chang, JB Park, G Lee, HJ Kim, JB Lee, TS Bae, YK Han, TJ Park, ...
Nanoscale 6 (14), 8068-8074, 2014
A facile method to prepare regioregular poly (3-hexylthiophene) nanorod arrays using anodic aluminium oxide templates and capillary force
S Baek, JB Park, W Lee, SH Han, J Lee, SH Lee
New Journal of Chemistry 33 (5), 986-990, 2009
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