Jesse Gomez
Jesse Gomez
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Functionally defined white matter reveals segregated pathways in human ventral temporal cortex associated with category-specific processing
J Gomez, F Pestilli, N Witthoft, G Golarai, A Liberman, S Poltoratski, ...
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The functional neuroanatomy of human face perception
K Grill-Spector, KS Weiner, K Kay, J Gomez
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VS Natu, J Gomez, M Barnett, B Jeska, E Kirilina, C Jaeger, Z Zhen, S Cox, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (41), 20750-20759, 2019
Microstructural proliferation in human cortex is coupled with the development of face processing
J Gomez, M Barnett, V Natu, A Mezer, N Palomero-Gallagher, KS Weiner, ...
Science 355 (6320), 68-71, 2017
The Dartmouth Database of Children’s Faces: Acquisition and Validation of a New Face Stimulus Set
K Dalrymple, J Gomez, B Duchaine
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Development differentially sculpts receptive fields across early and high-level human visual cortex
J Gomez, V Natu, B Jeska, M Barnett, K Grill-Spector
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Development of neural sensitivity to face identity correlates with perceptual discriminability
VS Natu, MA Barnett, J Hartley, J Gomez, A Stigliani, K Grill-Spector
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Defining the most probable location of the parahippocampal place area using cortex-based alignment and cross-validation
KS Weiner, MA Barnett, N Witthoft, G Golarai, A Stigliani, KN Kay, ...
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Extensive childhood experience with Pokémon suggests eccentricity drives organization of visual cortex
J Gomez, M Barnett, K Grill-Spector
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Neural adaptation to faces reveals racial outgroup homogeneity effects in early perception
BL Hughes, NP Camp, J Gomez, VS Natu, K Grill-Spector, JL Eberhardt
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (29), 14532-14537, 2019
The face-processing network is resilient to focal resection of human visual cortex
KS Weiner, J Jonas, J Gomez, L Maillard, H Brissart, G Hossu, C Jacques, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 36 (32), 8425-8440, 2016
Human visual cortex is organized along two genetically opposed hierarchical gradients with unique developmental and evolutionary origins
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Learning to read increases the informativeness of distributed ventral temporal responses
M Nordt, J Gomez, V Natu, B Jeska, M Barnett, K Grill-Spector
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CFMT-Kids: A new test of face memory for children
K Dalrymple, J Gomez, B Duchaine
Journal of Vision 12 (9), 492-492, 2012
Development of population receptive fields in the lateral visual stream improves spatial coding amid stable structural-functional coupling
J Gomez, A Drain, B Jeska, VS Natu, M Barnett, K Grill-Spector
Neuroimage 188, 59-69, 2019
Sulcal depth in the medial ventral temporal cortex predicts the location of a place-selective region in macaques, children, and adults
VS Natu, MJ Arcaro, MA Barnett, J Gomez, M Livingstone, K Grill-Spector, ...
Cerebral Cortex 31 (1), 48-61, 2021
Differential spatial computations in ventral and lateral face-selective regions are scaffolded by structural connections
D Finzi, J Gomez, M Nordt, AA Rezai, S Poltoratski, K Grill-Spector
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Novel childhood experience suggests eccentricity drives organization of human visual cortex
J Gomez, M Barnett, K Grill-Spector
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Third Visual Pathway, Anatomy, and Cognition across Species.
KS Weiner, J Gomez
Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2021
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