Marta Marcos
Marta Marcos
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Vertical land motion as a key to understanding sea level change and variability
G Wöppelmann, M Marcos
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S Dangendorf, M Marcos, G Wöppelmann, CP Conrad, T Frederikse, ...
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M Ablain, JF Legeais, P Prandi, M Marcos, L Fenoglio-Marc, HB Dieng, ...
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JL López-Jurado, M Marcos, S Monserrat
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M Marcos, MN Tsimplis
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A Cazenave, B Meyssignac, M Ablain, M Balmaseda, J Bamber, ...
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A Santamaría-Gómez, M Gravelle, S Dangendorf, M Marcos, G Spada, ...
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Comparison of results of AOGCMs in the Mediterranean Sea during the 21st century
M Marcos, MN Tsimplis
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Towards a global higher‐frequency sea level dataset
PL Woodworth, JR Hunter, M Marcos, P Caldwell, M Menéndez, I Haigh
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Long‐term variations in global sea level extremes
M Marcos, FM Calafat, Á Berihuete, S Dangendorf
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Human impacts overwhelm the effects of sea-level rise on Basque coastal habitats (N Spain) between 1954 and 2004
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Monitoring of fumarole discharge and CO2 soil degassing in the Azores: contribution to volcanic surveillance and public health risk assessment
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Comparing the sea level response to pressure and wind forcing of two barotropic models: validation with tide gauge and altimetry data
A Pascual, M Marcos, D Gomis
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 113 (C7), 2008
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