Zachariah Adelman
Zachariah Adelman
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Co-benefits of mitigating global greenhouse gas emissions for future air quality and human health
JJ West, SJ Smith, RA Silva, V Naik, Y Zhang, Z Adelman, MM Fry, ...
Nature climate change 3 (10), 885-889, 2013
The impact of individual anthropogenic emissions sectors on the global burden of human mortality due to ambient air pollution
RA Silva, Z Adelman, MM Fry, JJ West
Environmental health perspectives 124 (11), 1776-1784, 2016
An assessment of Aviation’s contribution to current and future fine particulate matter in the United States
M Woody, BH Baek, Z Adelman, M Omary, YF Lam, JJ West, ...
Atmospheric Environment 45 (20), 3424-3433, 2011
A reevaluation of the carbon bond-IV photochemical mechanism
ZE Adelman
http://airsite. unc. edu/soft/cb4/FINAL. pdf, 1999
Examining photolysis rates with a prototype online photolysis module in CMAQ
FS Binkowski, S Arunachalam, Z Adelman, JP Pinto
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 46 (8), 1252-1256, 2007
Modeling the fate of atmospheric reduced nitrogen during the Rocky Mountain Atmospheric Nitrogen and Sulfur Study (RoMANS): Performance evaluation and diagnosis using …
MA Rodriguez, MG Barna, KA Gebhart, JL Hand, ZE Adelman, ...
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Co-benefits of global, domestic, and sectoral greenhouse gas mitigation for US air quality and human health in 2050
Y Zhang, SJ Smith, JH Bowden, Z Adelman, JJ West
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Co-benefits of global and regional greenhouse gas mitigation for US air quality in 2050
Y Zhang, JH Bowden, Z Adelman, V Naik, LW Horowitz, SJ Smith, JJ West
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Quality Assurance Protocol: WRAP RMC Emissions Modeling with SMOKE
Z Adelman
Prepared for WRAP Modeling Forum, January, 2004
ESP v2. 0: enhanced method for exploring emission impacts of future scenarios in the United States–addressing spatial allocation
L Ran, DH Loughlin, D Yang, Z Adelman, BH Baek, CG Nolte
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Air quality and radiative forcing impacts of anthropogenic volatile organic compound emissions from ten world regions
MM Fry, MD Schwarzkopf, Z Adelman, JJ West
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14 (2), 523-535, 2014
Processing the National Emissions Inventory 96 (NEI96) version 3.11 with SMOKE
Z Adelman, M Houyoux
The Emission Inventory Conference: One Atmosphere, One Inventory, Many …, 2001
Net radiative forcing and air quality responses to regional CO emission reductions
MM Fry, MD Schwarzkopf, Z Adelman, V Naik, WJ Collins, JJ West
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13 (10), 5381-5399, 2013
Cobenefits of global and domestic greenhouse gas emissions for air quality and human health
J West, Y Zhang, S Smith, R Silva, J Bowden, V Naik, Y Li, D Gilfillan, ...
The Lancet 389, S23, 2017
An improved method to represent aviation emissions in air quality modeling systems and their impacts on air quality
S Arunachalam, BH Baek, A Holland, Z Adelman, FS Binkowski, A Hanna, ...
Proceedings of the 13 Conference on Aviation, Range and Aerospace …, 2008
Development of an interface for the Emissions Dispersion and Modeling System (EDMS) with the SMOKE modeling system
BH Baek, S Arunachalam, A Holland, Z Adelman, A Hanna, T Thrasher, ...
Proceedings of the 16th Annual Emissions Inventory Conference, Emissions …, 2007
Role of modeling assumptions in the Houston mid-course review
H Jeffries, S Arunachalam, BU Kim, D Jobes, E Pennington, A Eyth, ...
HARC Project H 121, 2005
Quality assurance enhancements to the SMOKE modeling system
MR Houyoux, Z Adelman
Tenth Annual Emission Inventory Conference, Denver, CO, 1-3, 2001
Development of an anthropogenic emissions inventory for annual nationwide Models-3/CMAQ simulations of ozone and aerosols
N Possiel, G Stella, R Ryan, T Pace, W Benjey, A Beidler, E Kinnee, ...
10th International Emission Inventory Conference," One Atmosphere, One …, 2001
Emissions Modeling Final Report: Pre02b_36
A Holland, Z Adelman
Contract, 27599-6116, 2004
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