Chandana Kodiweera, Ph.D.
Chandana Kodiweera, Ph.D.
MRI Physicist, Dartmouth College
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New membranes based on ionic liquids for PEM fuel cells at elevated temperatures
H Ye, J Huang, JJ Xu, NKAC Kodiweera, JRP Jayakody, SG Greenbaum
Journal of Power Sources 178 (2), 651-660, 2008
Effect of surface phosphorus functionalities of activated carbons containing oxygen and nitrogen on electrochemical capacitance
D Hulicova-Jurcakova, M Seredych, GQ Lu, NKAC Kodiweera, ...
Carbon 47 (6), 1576-1584, 2009
Age effects and sex differences in human brain white matter of young to middle-aged adults: A DTI, NODDI, and q-space study
C Kodiweera, AL Alexander, J Harezlak, TW McAllister, YC Wu
NeuroImage 128 (March 2016), 180–192, 2016
Hybrid diffusion imaging in mild traumatic brain injury
YC Wu, SM Mustafi, J Harezlak, C Kodiweera, LA Flashman, ...
Journal of neurotrauma 35 (20), 2377-2390, 2018
Multinuclear NMR study of the effect of acid concentration on ion transport in phosphoric acid doped poly (benzimidazole) membranes
S Suarez, NKAC Kodiweera, P Stallworth, S Yu, SG Greenbaum, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (41), 12545-12551, 2012
Detecting white matter alterations in multiple sclerosis using advanced diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
SM Mustafi, J Harezlak, C Kodiweera, JS Randolph, JC Ford, HA Wishart, ...
Neural regeneration research 14 (1), 114, 2019
Water and proton transport properties of hexafluorinated sulfonated poly (arylenethioethersulfone) copolymers for applications to proton exchange membrane fuel cells
AN Khalfan, LM Sanchez, C Kodiweera, SG Greenbaum, Z Bai, TD Dang
Journal of power sources 173 (2), 853-859, 2007
Data of NODDI Diffusion Metrics in the Brain and Computer Simulation of Hybrid Diffusion Imaging (HYDI) Acquisition Scheme
C Kodiweera, YC Wu
Data in Brief, 2016
Characterization of water self-diffusion in human stratum corneum
C Kodiweera, Y Yang, AL Bunge
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 107 (4), 1131-1142, 2018
Characterization of Water and a Model Lipophilic Compound in Human Stratum Corneum by NMR Spectroscopy and Equilibrium Sorption
C Kodiweera, WJ . Romonchuk, Y Yang, A Bunge
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016
Rotating single‐shot acquisition (RoSA) with composite reconstruction for fast high‐resolution diffusion imaging
Q Wen, C Kodiweera, BM Dale, G Shivraman, YC Wu
Magnetic resonance in medicine 79 (1), 264-275, 2018
Hybrid diffusion imaging to detect acute white matter injury after mild TBI
SM Mustafi, C Kodiweera, LA Flashman, TW McAllister, YC Wu
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, 2016
Rotating Short-Axis EPI “blades” as veering diffusion gradient directions with composite reconstruction (RSA)
YC Wu, C Kodiweera
ISMRM, 2014
多发性硬化症患者大脑白质微观结构的改变: 磁共振弥散加权成像检测
SM Mustafi, J Harezlak, C Kodiweera, JS Randolph, JC Ford, HA Wishart, ...
中国神经再生研究 (英文版) 14 (1), 114, 2019
“Windowed” Composite Reconstruction Improves Rotating Short-Axis High- Resolution DWI (RSA-DWI) in both Simulation and Human data
Q Wen, C Kodiweera, YC Wu
ISMRM, 2016
Solid state NMR studies of materials for energy technology
C Nambukara Kodiweera Arachchilage
Electronic Band Gap States in Electrodeposited Cuprous Oxide Semiconductors
RP Wijesundera, NKAC Kodiweera, W Siripala, R Garuthara
Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka, 2004
White matter changes and correlations with cognitive functions in semi-acute mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI): A hybrid diffusion imaging study
SM Mustafi, C Kodiweera, J Harezlak, LA Flashman, TW McAllister, ...
Characterization of Self-Diffusion of Water in Human Stratum Corneum
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