Thomas Bohlen
Thomas Bohlen
Professor for Applied Geophysics
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Parallel 3-D viscoelastic finite difference seismic modelling
T Bohlen
Computers & Geosciences 28 (8), 887-899, 2002
Finite-difference modeling of viscoelastic and anisotropic wave propagation using the rotated staggered grid
EH Saenger, T Bohlen
Geophysics 69 (2), 583-591, 2004
Accuracy of heterogeneous staggered-grid finite-difference modeling of Rayleigh waves
T Bohlen, EH Saenger
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On the influence of model parametrization in elastic full waveform tomography
D Köhn, D De Nil, A Kurzmann, A Przebindowska, T Bohlen
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Seismic velocities and anisotropy of the lower continental crust: a review
T Weiss, S Siegesmund, W Rabbel, T Bohlen, M Pohl
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1.5 D inversion of lateral variation of Scholte-wave dispersion
T Bohlen, S Kugler, G Klein, F Theilen
Geophysics 69 (2), 330-344, 2004
The role of attenuation in 2D full-waveform inversion of shallow-seismic body and Rayleigh waves
L Groos, M Schäfer, T Forbriger, T Bohlen
Geophysics 79 (6), R247-R261, 2014
Application of a complete workflow for 2D elastic full-waveform inversion to recorded shallow-seismic Rayleigh wavesWorkflow for FWI of Rayleigh waves
L Groos, M Schäfer, T Forbriger, T Bohlen
Geophysics 82 (2), R109-R117, 2017
Elastic seismic wave scattering from massive sulfide orebodies: on the role of composition and shape
T Bohlen, C Müller, B Milkereit, DW Eaton, MH Salisbury
Hardrock seismic exploration: SEG 70, 89, 2003
Rayleigh-to-shear wave conversion at the tunnel face—From 3D-FD modeling to ahead-of-drill exploration
T Bohlen, U Lorang, W Rabbel, C Müller, R Giese, S Lüth, S Jetschny
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Scholte-wave tomography for shallow-water marine sediments
S Kugler, T Bohlen, T Forbriger, S Bussat, G Klein
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Acoustic full waveform tomography in the presence of attenuation: a sensitivity analysis
A Kurzmann, A Przebindowska, D Köhn, T Bohlen
Geophysical Journal International 195 (2), 985-1000, 2013
3D elastic full‐waveform inversion of small‐scale heterogeneities in transmission geometry
S Butzer, A Kurzmann, T Bohlen
Geophysical Prospecting 61 (6-Challenges of Seismic Imaging and Inversion …, 2013
Acquisition and inversion of dispersive seismic waves in shallow marine environments
G Klein, T Bohlen, F Theilen, S Kugler, T Forbriger
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Superdeep vertical seismic profiling at the KTB deep drill hole (Germany): seismic close‐up view of a major thrust zone down to 8.5 km depth
W Rabbel, T Beilecke, T Bohlen, D Fischer, A Frank, J Hasenclever, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 109 (B9), 2004
Shear wave anisotropy of laminated lower crust beneath Urach (SW Germany): a comparison with xenoliths and with exposed lower crustal sections
W Rabbel, S Siegesmund, T Weiss, M Pohl, T Bohlen
Tectonophysics 298 (4), 337-356, 1998
Reverse time migration: A seismic imaging technique applied to synthetic ultrasonic data
S Müller, E Niederleithinger, T Bohlen
International Journal of Geophysics 2012, 2012
Seismic investigations of the Piora Basin using S-wave conversions at the tunnel face of the Piora adit (Gotthard Base Tunnel)
S Lüth, R Giese, P Otto, K Krüger, S Mielitz, T Bohlen, T Dickmann, ...
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 45 (1), 86-93, 2008
Variability of Scholte-wave dispersion in shallow-water marine sediments
S Kugler, T Bohlen, S Bussat, G Klein
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Towards high‐resolution 3D marine seismic surveying using Boomer sources
C Müller, B Milkereit, T Bohlen, F Theilen
Geophysical Prospecting 50 (5), 517-526, 2002
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