Ali Vatani
Ali Vatani
Head of Institute of LNG, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Tehran의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Prediction of standard enthalpy of formation by a QSPR model
A Vatani, M Mehrpooya, F Gharagheizi
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 8 (5), 407-432, 2007
Advanced exergetic analysis of five natural gas liquefaction processes
A Vatani, M Mehrpooya, A Palizdar
Energy conversion and management 78, 720-737, 2014
Energy and exergy analyses of five conventional liquefied natural gas processes
A Vatani, M Mehrpooya, A Palizdar
International Journal of Energy Research 38 (14), 1843-1863, 2014
Synergistic interactions between POSS and fumed silica and their effect on the properties of crosslinked PDMS nanocomposite membranes
M Rezakazemi, A Vatani, T Mohammadi
RSC advances 5 (100), 82460-82470, 2015
Introducing a novel integrated NGL recovery process configuration (with a self-refrigeration system (open–closed cycle)) with minimum energy requirement
M Mehrpooya, A Vatani, SMA Mousavian
Chemical Engineering and Processing: process intensification 49 (4), 376-388, 2010
Exergy analysis of C2+ recovery plants refrigeration cycles
B Tirandazi, M Mehrpooya, A Vatani, SMA Moosavian
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 89 (6), 676-689, 2011
Novel LNG-based integrated process configuration alternatives for coproduction of LNG and NGL
M Mehrpooya, M Hossieni, A Vatani
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (45), 17705-17721, 2014
A novel process configuration for co-production of NGL and LNG with low energy requirement
A Vatani, M Mehrpooya, B Tirandazi
Chemical engineering and processing: process intensification 63, 16-24, 2013
Synthesis and gas transport properties of crosslinked poly (dimethylsiloxane) nanocomposite membranes using octatrimethylsiloxy POSS nanoparticles
M Rezakazemi, A Vatani, T Mohammadi
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 30, 10-18, 2016
Forced convective and subcooled flow boiling heat transfer to pure water and n-heptane in an annular heat exchanger
SM Peyghambarzadeh, MM Sarafraz, N Vaeli, E Ameri, A Vatani, ...
Annals of Nuclear Energy 53, 401-410, 2013
Modeling and optimum design of hybrid solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine power plants
M Mehrpooya, S Akbarpour, A Vatani, MA Rosen
International journal of hydrogen energy 39 (36), 21196-21214, 2014
An optimization of capital and operating alternatives in a NGL recovery unit
M Mehrpooya, F Gharagheizi, A Vatani
Chemical Engineering & Technology: Industrial Chemistry‐Plant Equipment …, 2006
Thermoeconomic analysis of a large industrial propane refrigeration cycle used in NGL recovery plant
M Mehrpooya, F Gharagheizi, A Vatani
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Novel mixed fluid cascade natural gas liquefaction process configuration using absorption refrigeration system
M Mehrpooya, M Omidi, A Vatani
Applied Thermal Engineering 98, 591-604, 2016
Application of asymptotic model for the prediction of fouling rate of calcium sulfate under subcooled flow boiling
SM Peyghambarzadeh, A Vatani, M Jamialahmadi
Applied Thermal Engineering 39, 105-113, 2012
An estimation of traffic related CO 2 emissions from motor vehicles in the capital city of, Iran
A Kakouei, A Vatani, AKB Idris
Iranian journal of environmental health science & engineering 9 (1), 1-5, 2012
Underground gas storage in a partially depleted gas reservoir
R Azin, A Nasiri, J Entezari
Oil & Gas Science and Technology-Revue de l'IFP 63 (6), 691-703, 2008
Flare gas recovery in oil and gas refineries
O Zadakbar, A Vatani, K Karimpour
Oil & Gas Science and Technology-Revue de l'IFP 63 (6), 705-711, 2008
A numerical investigation of serpentine flow channel with different bend sizes in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
AV Leila Rostami, Puriya Mohamad Gholy Nejad
Energy 97 (2016), 400-410, 2016
Elucidation of pressure drop in packed-bed systems
EA Foumeny, A Kulkarni, S Roshani, A Vatani
Applied Thermal Engineering 16 (3), 195-202, 1996
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