Gwangsun Kim
Transparent Offloading and Mapping (TOM): Enabling Programmer-Transparent Near-Data Processing in GPU Systems
K Hsieh, E Ebrahimi, G Kim, N Chatterjee, M O’Connor, N Vijaykumar, ...
Memory-centric system interconnect design with hybrid memory cubes
G Kim, J Kim, JH Ahn, J Kim
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Flexibuffer: Reducing leakage power in on-chip network routers
G Kim, J Kim, S Yoo
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Overcoming far-end congestion in large-scale networks
J Won, G Kim, J Kim, T Jiang, M Parker, S Scott
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Multi-GPU system design with memory networks
G Kim, M Lee, J Jeong, J Kim
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Transportation-network-inspired network-on-chip
H Kim, G Kim, S Maeng, H Yeo, J Kim
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iPAWS: Instruction-issue pattern-based adaptive warp scheduling for GPGPUs
M Lee, G Kim, J Kim, W Seo, Y Cho, S Ryu
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Low-overhead network-on-chip support for location-oblivious task placement
G Kim, MMJ Lee, J Kim, JW Lee, D Abts, M Marty
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Accelerating linked-list traversal through near-data processing
B Hong, G Kim, JH Ahn, Y Kwon, H Kim, J Kim
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Toward standardized near-data processing with unrestricted data placement for GPUs
G Kim, N Chatterjee, M O'Connor, K Hsieh
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Contention-based congestion management in large-scale networks
G Kim, C Kim, J Jeong, M Parker, J Kim
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Memory Network: Enabling Technology for Scalable Near-Data Computing
G Kim, J Kim, JH Ahn, Y Kwon
Automatically exploiting implicit Pipeline Parallelism from multiple dependent kernels for GPUs
G Kim, J Jeong, J Kim, M Stephenson
Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques (PACT), 2016 International …, 2016
Design and analysis of hybrid flow control for hierarchical ring network-on-chip
H Kim, G Kim, H Yeo, J Kim, S Maeng
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Scalable on-chip network in power constrained manycore processors
H Kim, G Kim, J Kim
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TCEP: Traffic Consolidation for Energy-Proportional High-Radix Networks
G Kim, H Choi, J Kim
2018 ACM/IEEE 45th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture …, 2018
History-Based Arbitration for Fairness in Processor-Interconnect of NUMA Servers
W Song, G Kim, H Jung, J Chung, JH Ahn, JW Lee, J Kim
ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 51 (2), 765-777, 2017
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