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woochul Yang
woochul Yang
Tên khácW. Yang, W.-C. Yang
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Large-area monolayer hexagonal boron nitride on Pt foil
JH Park, JC Park, SJ Yun, H Kim, DH Luong, SM Kim, SH Choi, W Yang, ...
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Layer-number-dependent work function of MoS2 nanoflakes
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Controlled exfoliation of molybdenum disulfide for developing thin film humidity sensor
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Full surface embedding of gold clusters on silicon nanowires for efficient capture and photothermal therapy of circulating tumor cells
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Enhancing visible-light-induced photocatalytic activity of BiOI microspheres for NO removal by synchronous coupling with Bi metal and graphene
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Photocatalytic improvement of Mn-adsorbed g-C3N4
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Rational design of α-Fe2O3 nanocubes supported BiVO4 Z-scheme photocatalyst for photocatalytic degradation of antibiotic under visible light
C Ma, J Lee, Y Kim, WC Seo, H Jung, W Yang
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NOx gas sensors based on layer-transferred n-MoS2/p-GaN heterojunction at room temperature: study of UV light illuminations and humidity
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Ti-decorated graphitic-C3N4 monolayer: A promising material for hydrogen storage
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Attractive Migration and Coalescence: A Significant Process in the Coarsening of Islands on the Si(111) Surface
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A Novel and Facile Route to Synthesize Atomic‐Layered MoS2 Film for Large‐Area Electronics
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Scanning probe investigation of surface charge and surface potential of GaN-based heterostructures
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Photoelectron emission microscopy observation of inversion domain boundaries of GaN-based lateral polarity heterostructures
WC Yang, BJ Rodriguez, M Park, RJ Nemanich, O Ambacher, V Cimalla
Journal of applied physics 94 (9), 5720-5725, 2003
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