Paula Mouser
Paula Mouser
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Genome-scale dynamic modeling of the competition between Rhodoferax and Geobacter in anoxic subsurface environments
K Zhuang, M Izallalen, P Mouser, H Richter, C Risso, R Mahadevan, ...
The ISME journal 5 (2), 305-316, 2011
Temporal changes in microbial ecology and geochemistry in produced water from hydraulically fractured Marcellus shale gas wells
MA Cluff, A Hartsock, JD MacRae, K Carter, PJ Mouser
Environmental science & technology 48 (11), 6508-6517, 2014
Toxic cyanobacteria and drinking water: Impacts, detection, and treatment
X He, YL Liu, A Conklin, J Westrick, LK Weavers, DD Dionysiou, ...
Harmful algae 54, 174-193, 2016
Microbial metabolisms in a 2.5-km-deep ecosystem created by hydraulic fracturing in shales
RA Daly, MA Borton, MJ Wilkins, DW Hoyt, DJ Kountz, RA Wolfe, ...
Nature microbiology 1 (10), 1-9, 2016
Proteogenomic Monitoring of Geobacter Physiology during Stimulated Uranium Bioremediation
MJ Wilkins, NC VerBerkmoes, KH Williams, SJ Callister, PJ Mouser, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 75 (20), 6591-6599, 2009
Genome sequence of the deltaproteobacterial strain NaphS2 and analysis of differential gene expression during anaerobic growth on naphthalene
RJ DiDonato Jr, ND Young, JE Butler, KJ Chin, KK Hixson, P Mouser, ...
PloS one 5 (11), e14072, 2010
Influence of heterogeneous ammonium availability on bacterial community structure and the expression of nitrogen fixation and ammonium transporter genes during in situ …
PJ Mouser, AL N’Guessan, H Elifantz, DE Holmes, KH Williams, ...
Environmental science & technology 43 (12), 4386-4392, 2009
Comparison of bacterial communities in New England Sphagnum bogs using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP)
SE Morales, PJ Mouser, N Ward, SP Hudman, NJ Gotelli, DS Ross, ...
Microbial ecology 52 (1), 34-44, 2006
Hydraulic fracturing offers view of microbial life in the deep terrestrial subsurface
PJ Mouser, M Borton, TH Darrah, A Hartsock, KC Wrighton
FEMS microbiology ecology 92 (11), 2016
Aerobic biodegradation of organic compounds in hydraulic fracturing fluids
D Kekacs, BD Drollette, M Brooker, DL Plata, PJ Mouser
Biodegradation 26 (4), 271-287, 2015
A multivariate statistical approach to spatial representation of groundwater contamination using hydrochemistry and microbial community profiles
PJ Mouser, DM Rizzo, WFM Röling, BM Van Breukelen
Environmental science & technology 39 (19), 7551-7559, 2005
Halogenated organic compounds identified in hydraulic fracturing wastewaters using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry
JL Luek, P Schmitt-Kopplin, PJ Mouser, WT Petty, SD Richardson, ...
Environmental science & technology 51 (10), 5377-5385, 2017
Molecular analysis of phosphate limitation in Geobacteraceae during the bioremediation of a uranium-contaminated aquifer
AL N'guessan, H Elifantz, KP Nevin, PJ Mouser, B Methé, TL Woodard, ...
The ISME journal 4 (2), 253-266, 2010
Analysis of biostimulated microbial communities from two field experiments reveals temporal and spatial differences in proteome profiles
SJ Callister, MJ Wilkins, CD Nicora, KH Williams, JF Banfield, ...
Environmental science & technology 44 (23), 8897-8903, 2010
Quantifying expression of Geobacter spp. oxidative stress genes in pure culture and during in situ uranium bioremediation
PJ Mouser, DE Holmes, LA Perpetua, R DiDonato, B Postier, A Liu, ...
The ISME journal 3 (4), 454-465, 2009
Viruses control dominant bacteria colonizing the terrestrial deep biosphere after hydraulic fracturing
RA Daly, S Roux, MA Borton, DM Morgan, MD Johnston, AE Booker, ...
Nature microbiology 4 (2), 352-361, 2019
Coupled laboratory and field investigations resolve microbial interactions that underpin persistence in hydraulically fractured shales
MA Borton, DW Hoyt, S Roux, RA Daly, SA Welch, CD Nicora, S Purvine, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (28), E6585-E6594, 2018
Trends and future challenges in sampling the deep terrestrial biosphere
MJ Wilkins, R Daly, PJ Mouser, R Trexler, KC Wrighton, S Sharma, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 5, 481, 2014
The comparison of four dynamic systems-based software packages: Translation and sensitivity analysis
DM Rizzo, PJ Mouser, DH Whitney, CD Mark, RD Magarey, AA Voinov
Environmental modelling & software 21 (10), 1491-1502, 2006
Natural attenuation of nonionic surfactants used in hydraulic fracturing fluids: degradation rates, pathways, and mechanisms
KM Heyob, J Blotevogel, M Brooker, MV Evans, JJ Lenhart, J Wright, ...
Environmental science & technology 51 (23), 13985-13994, 2017
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