Yujie Yuan
Yujie Yuan
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Pore characterization and clay bound water assessment in shale with a combination of NMR and low-pressure nitrogen gas adsorption
Y Yuan, R Rezaee, M Verrall, SY Hu, J Zou, N Testmanti
International Journal of Coal Geology 194, 11-21, 2018
A comprehensive pore structure study of the Bakken Shale with SANS, N2 adsorption and mercury intrusion
K Liu, M Ostadhassan, L Sun, J Zou, Y Yuan, T Gentzis, Y Zhang, ...
Fuel 245, 274-285, 2019
Fractal analysis of the pore structure for clay bound water and potential gas storage in shales based on NMR and N2 gas adsorption
Y Yuan, R Rezaee
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 177, 756-765, 2019
Comparative porosity and pore structure assessment in shales: Measurement techniques, influencing factors and implications for reservoir characterization
Y Yuan, R Rezaee
Energies 12 (11), 2094, 2019
Impact of composition on pore structure properties in shale: implications for micro-/mesopore volume and surface area prediction
Y Yuan, R Rezaee, EA Al-Khdheeawi, SY Hu, M Verrall, J Zou, K Liu
Energy & Fuels 33 (10), 9619-9628, 2019
Investigation on the adsorption kinetics and diffusion of methane in shale samples
J Zou, R Rezaee, Y Yuan
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 171, 951-958, 2018
Impact of paramagnetic minerals on NMR-converted pore size distributions in Permian Carynginia shales
Y Yuan, R Rezaee
Energy & Fuels 33 (4), 2880-2887, 2019
Distribution of adsorbed water in shale: An experimental study on isolated kerogen and bulk shale samples
J Zou, R Rezaee, Y Yuan, K Liu, Q Xie, L You
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 187, 106858, 2020
Applications of nuclear magnetic resonance (Nmr) logs in shale gas reservoirs for pore size distribution evaluation
H Yu, Z Wang, R Rezaee, Y Su, W Tan, Y Yuan, Y Zhang, L Xiao, X Liu
SPE/AAPG/SEG Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, 2017
Pore Characterization and Fluid Distribution Assessment of Gas Shale
Y Yuan, R Rezaee, T Han, M Verrall, SY Hu, J Zou
80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2018 2018 (1), 1-5, 2018
Numerical simulation of water and sand blowouts when penetrating through shallow water flow formations in deep water drilling
S Ren, Y Liu, Z Gong, Y Yuan, L Yu, Y Wang, Y Xu, J Deng
Journal of Ocean University of China 17 (1), 17-24, 2018
Experimental Study on the Impact of Thermal Maturity on Shale Microstructures Using Hydrous Pyrolysis
K Liu, M Ostadhassan, PC Hackley, T Gentzis, J Zou, Y Yuan, ...
Energy & Fuels 33 (10), 9702-9719, 2019
Determination of T2 cut-off for shale reservoirs: a case study from the Carynginia formation, Perth Basin, Western Australia
MN Testamanti, R Rezaee, Y Yuan, D Pan
The APPEA Journal 57 (2), 664-668, 2017
Quantitative prediction of fractures in shale using the lithology combination index
Z Zhang, P Li, Y Yuan, K Liu, J Hao, H Zou
Minerals 10 (6), 569, 2020
Simulating Coal Permeability Change as a Function of Effective Stress Using a Microscale Digital Rock Model
H Dong, Y Zhang, M Lebedev, M Arif, Y Yuan, S Iglauer
Energy & Fuels, 2021
New Insights into Controlling Factors of Pore Evolution in Organic-rich Shale
J Xu, S Wu, J Liu, Y Yuan, J Cui, L Su, X Jiang, J Wang
Energy & Fuels 35 (6), 4858-4873, 2021
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