Emanuele Gruppioni
Emanuele Gruppioni
Centro Protesi INAIL, Technical Director of the Research Area
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Fine detection of grasp force and posture by amputees via surface electromyography
C Castellini, E Gruppioni, A Davalli, G Sandini
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Optimization of EMG-based hand gesture recognition: Supervised vs. unsupervised data preprocessing on healthy subjects and transradial amputees
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NLR, MLP, SVM, and LDA: a comparative analysis on EMG data from people with trans-radial amputation
AD Bellingegni, E Gruppioni, G Colazzo, A Davalli, R Sacchetti, ...
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A prosthetic hand body area controller based on efficient pattern recognition control strategies
S Benatti, B Milosevic, E Farella, E Gruppioni, L Benini
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Restoring tactile sensations via neural interfaces for real-time force-and-slippage closed-loop control of bionic hands
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Analysis of Robust Implementation of an EMG Pattern Recognition based Control.
S Benatti, E Farella, E Gruppioni, L Benini
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A myoelectric-controlled virtual hand for the assessment and treatment of phantom limb pain in trans-radial upper extremity amputees: a research protocol
BK Wiederhold
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Artificial sphincters to manage urinary incontinence: a review
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The S-Finger: A Synergetic Externally Powered Digit With Tactile Sensing and Feedback
I Imbinto, F Montagnani, M Bacchereti, C Cipriani, A Davalli, R Sacchetti, ...
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The Hannes hand prosthesis replicates the key biological properties of the human hand
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UHF RFID-based EMG for prosthetic control: Preliminary results
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Nuove tecnologie e innovazione nelle protesi di arto superiore
AG Cutti, G Verni, E Gruppioni, A Amoresano
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A voice-controlled prosthesis: test of a vocabulary and development of the prototype
E Gruppioni, BG Saldutto, AG Cutti, E Mainardi, A Davalli
Prostheses Centre, Vigorso di Budrio, Italy Dept. of Engineering, University …, 2008
Performance Comparison of Patch and Loop Antennas for the Wireless Power Transfer and Transcutaneous Telemetry in the 860–960 MHz Frequency Band
C Miozzi, G Saggio, E Gruppioni, G Marrocco
2019 IEEE 16th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body …, 2019
Feasibility of an RFID-based transcutaneous wireless communication for the control of upper-limb myoelectric prosthesis
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VP Castelli, M Troncossi
Bentham Science Publishers, Beijing (Chiny), 2012
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