Min Sik Kim
Min Sik Kim
Jeonbuk National University
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Use of CaO as an activator for producing a price-competitive non-cement structural binder using ground granulated blast furnace slag
MS Kim, Y Jun, C Lee, JE Oh
Cement and Concrete Research 54, 208-214, 2013
Disintegration of waste activated sludge by thermally-activated persulfates for enhanced dewaterability
MS Kim, KM Lee, HE Kim, HJ Lee, C Lee, C Lee
Environmental science & technology 50 (13), 7106-7115, 2016
Oxidative treatment of waste activated sludge by different activated persulfate systems for enhancing sludge dewaterability
KM Lee, MS Kim, C Lee
Sustainable Environment Research 26 (4), 177-183, 2016
Electrochemical oxidation of organics in sulfate solutions on boron-doped diamond electrode: Multiple pathways for sulfate radical generation
YU Shin, HY Yoo, YY Ahn, MS Kim, K Lee, S Yu, C Lee, K Cho, H Kim, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 254, 156-165, 2019
Oxidation of microcystins by permanganate: pH and temperature-dependent kinetics, effect of DOM characteristics, and oxidation mechanism revisited
MS Kim, HJ Lee, KM Lee, J Seo, C Lee
Environmental science & technology 52 (12), 7054-7063, 2018
Visible light-photosensitized oxidation of organic pollutants using amorphous peroxo-titania
J Seo, H Lee, HJ Lee, MS Kim, SW Hong, J Lee, K Cho, W Choi, C Lee
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Oxidation of microcystin-LR by ferrous-tetrapolyphosphate in the presence of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide
MS Kim, HH Kim, KM Lee, HJ Lee, C Lee
Water research 114, 277-285, 2017
Modeling of ozone decomposition, oxidant exposures, and the abatement of micropollutants during ozonation processes
MS Kim, D Cha, KM Lee, HJ Lee, T Kim, C Lee
Water research 169, 115230, 2020
Differential Microbicidal Effects of Bimetallic Iron–Copper Nanoparticles on Escherichia coli and MS2 Coliphage
HE Kim, HJ Lee, MS Kim, T Kim, H Lee, HH Kim, M Cho, SW Hong, C Lee
Environmental science & technology 53 (5), 2679-2687, 2019
Visible light-induced activation of peroxymonosulfate in the presence of ferric ions for the degradation of organic pollutants
N Hasan, S Kim, MS Kim, NTT Nguyen, C Lee, J Kim
Separation and Purification Technology 240, 116620, 2020
Inactivation of bacterial planktonic cells and biofilms by Cu (II)-activated peroxymonosulfate in the presence of chloride ion
HJ Lee, HE Kim, MS Kim, CF de Lannoy, C Lee
Chemical Engineering Journal 380, 122468, 2020
Freezing-enhanced non-radical oxidation of organic pollutants by peroxymonosulfate
NTH Le, J Ju, B Kim, MS Kim, C Lee, S Kim, W Choi, K Kim, J Kim
Chemical Engineering Journal 388, 124226, 2020
Ozonation of Microcystins: Kinetics and Toxicity Decrease
MS Kim, C Lee
Environmental science & technology, 2019
Nanoparticulate zero-valent iron coupled with polyphosphate: the sequential redox treatment of organic compounds and its stability and bacterial toxicity
HH Kim, MS Kim, HE Kim, HJ Lee, MH Jang, J Choi, Y Hwang, C Lee
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Reduction of chlorendic acid by zero-valent iron: Kinetics, products, and pathways
MS Kim, E Piggott, N Zrinyi, C Lee, ALT Pham
Journal of hazardous materials 384, 121269, 2020
Control of the red tide dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides by ozone in seawater
M Shin, HJ Lee, MS Kim, NB Park, C Lee
Water research 109, 237-244, 2017
Chloride-Mediated Enhancement in Heat-Induced Activation of Peroxymonosulfate: New Reaction Pathways for Oxidizing Radical Production
YY Ahn, J Choi, M Kim, MS Kim, D Lee, WH Bang, ET Yun, H Lee, JH Lee, ...
Environmental Science & Technology, 2021
Inactivation of biofilms on RO membranes by copper ion in combination with norspermidine
HJ Lee, J Seo, MS Kim, C Lee
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Prediction of Oxidant Exposures and Micropollutant Abatement during Ozonation Using a Machine Learning Method
D Cha, S Park, MS Kim, T Kim, SW Hong, KH Cho, C Lee
Environmental Science & Technology, 2020
Cupric ion in combination with hydrogen peroxide and hydroxylamine applied to inactivation of different microorganisms
T Kim, J Cho, D Cha, MS Kim, EJ Park, HJ Lee, C Lee
Journal of Hazardous Materials 400, 123305, 2020
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