Endre Anderssen
Endre Anderssen
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A molecular roadmap of reprogramming somatic cells into iPS cells
JM Polo, E Anderssen, RM Walsh, BA Schwarz, CM Nefzger, SM Lim, ...
Cell 151 (7), 1617-1632, 2012
Reducing over-optimism in variable selection by cross-model validation
E Anderssen, K Dyrstad, F Westad, H Martens
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems 84 (1-2), 69-74, 2006
Identification of Virulence Genes Linked with Diarrhea Due to Atypical Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli by DNA Microarray Analysis and PCR
JE Afset, G Bruant, R Brousseau, J Harel, E Anderssen, L Bevanger, ...
Journal of clinical microbiology 44 (10), 3703-3711, 2006
The polycomb group protein L3mbtl2 assembles an atypical PRC1-family complex that is essential in pluripotent stem cells and early development
J Qin, WA Whyte, E Anderssen, E Apostolou, HH Chen, S Akbarian, ...
Cell stem cell 11 (3), 319-332, 2012
Phylogenetic Backgrounds and Virulence Profiles of Atypical Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Strains from a Case-Control Study Using Multilocus Sequence …
JE Afset, E Anderssen, G Bruant, J Harel, L Wieler, K Bergh
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 46 (7), 2280-2290, 2008
Dynamic chromatin modification sustains epithelial-mesenchymal transition following inducible expression of Snail-1
S Javaid, J Zhang, E Anderssen, JC Black, BS Wittner, K Tajima, DT Ting, ...
Cell reports 5 (6), 1679-1689, 2013
Exposure and effects of persistent organic pollutants in european shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) hatchlings from the coast of Norway
KM Murvoll, JU Skaare, E Anderssen, BM Jenssen
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: An International Journal 25 (1), 190-198, 2006
Genome-wide profile of pleural mesothelioma versus parietal and visceral pleura: the emerging gene portrait of the mesothelioma phenotype
OD Røe, E Anderssen, E Helge, CH Pettersen, KS Olsen, H Sandeck, ...
PloS one 4 (8), e6554, 2009
Regression of a data matrix on descriptors of both its rows and of its columns via latent variables: L-PLSR
H Martens, E Anderssen, A Flatberg, LH Gidskehaug, M Høy, F Westad, ...
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 48 (1), 103-123, 2005
Malignant pleural mesothelioma: genome-wide expression patterns reflecting general resistance mechanisms and a proposal of novel targets
OD Røe, E Anderssen, H Sandeck, T Christensen, E Larsson, S Lundgren
Lung cancer 67 (1), 57-68, 2010
Lung cancer and DNA repair genes: multilevel association analysis from the International Lung Cancer Consortium
R Kazma, MC Babron, V Gaborieau, E Génin, P Brennan, RJ Hung, ...
Carcinogenesis 33 (5), 1059-1064, 2012
Homology-based modelling of targets for rational drug design
H Wieman, E Anderssen, F Drablos
Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry 4 (7), 793-804, 2004
Transcription profiling during the cell cycle shows that a subset of Polycomb-targeted genes is upregulated during DNA replication
J Pena-Diaz, SA Hegre, E Anderssen, PA Aas, R Mjelle, GD Gilfillan, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (5), 2846-2856, 2013
RBF binding to both canonical E2F targets and noncanonical targets depends on functional dE2F/dDP complexes
M Korenjak, E Anderssen, S Ramaswamy, JR Whetstine, NJ Dyson
Molecular and cellular biology 32 (21), 4375-4387, 2012
Spatial trends and associated biological responses of organochlorines and brominated flame retardants in hatchlings of North Atlantic kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla)
KM Murvoll, JU Skaare, B Moe, E Anderssen, BM Jenssen
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: An International Journal 25 (6 …, 2006
Cancer immunoediting from immunosurveillance to tumor escape in microvillus-formed niche: a study of syngeneic orthotopic rat bladder cancer model in comparison with human …
CJ Arum, E Anderssen, T Viset, Y Kodama, S Lundgren, D Chen, ...
Neoplasia 12 (6), 434-442, 2010
A framework for significance analysis of gene expression data using dimension reduction methods
L Gidskehaug, E Anderssen, A Flatberg, BK Alsberg
BMC bioinformatics 8 (1), 1-14, 2007
A shared role for RBF1 and dCAP-D3 in the regulation of transcription with consequences for innate immunity
MS Longworth, JA Walker, E Anderssen, NS Moon, A Gladden, ...
PLoS Genet 8 (4), e1002618, 2012
Simultaneous Gaussian and exponential inversion for improved analysis of shales by NMR relaxometry
KE Washburn, E Anderssen, SJ Vogt, JD Seymour, JE Birdwell, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 250, 7-16, 2015
Molecular resistance fingerprint of pemetrexed and platinum in a long-term survivor of mesothelioma
OD Røe, A Szulkin, E Anderssen, A Flatberg, H Sandeck, T Amundsen, ...
PloS one 7 (8), e40521, 2012
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