Brett Whelan
Brett Whelan
A/Prof in Precision Agriculture, University of Sydney의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Future directions of precision agriculture
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Machine learning approaches for crop yield prediction and nitrogen status estimation in precision agriculture: A review
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The “null hypothesis” of precision agriculture management
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Vesper 1.5–spatial prediction software for precision agriculture
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Vesper version 1.62. Australian centre for precision agriculture, Mcmillan building A05, The University of Sydney
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Comparing temperature correction models for soil electrical conductivity measurement
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Precision agriculture for grain production systems
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Mapping almond orchard canopy volume, flowers, fruit and yield using lidar and vision sensors
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Definition and interpretation of potential management zones in Australia
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Obtaining ‘useful’high-resolution soil data from proximally-sensed electrical conductivity/resistivity (PSEC/R) surveys
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Measuring the quality of digital soil maps using information criteria
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Spatial prediction for precision agriculture
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VESPER version 1.0
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Determining potential within-field crop management zones
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Variability and uncertainty in spatial, temporal and spatiotemporal crop-yield and related data
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Does kriging predict weed distributions accurately enough for site‐specific weed control?
LJ Rew, B Whelan, AB McBratney
Weed Research 41 (3), 245-263, 2001
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