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Quyen Vu Thi
Quyen Vu Thi
Institute Of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy And Environment, A*STAR
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A nanostructured MOF/reduced graphene oxide hybrid for enhanced photocatalytic efficiency under solar light
QV Thi, MS Tamboli, QTH Ta, GB Kolekar, D Sohn
Materials Science and Engineering: B 261, 114678, 2020
Electrochemical performance of zinc-based metal-organic framework with reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite electrodes for supercapacitors
QV Thi, SA Patil, PK Katkar, I Rabani, AS Patil, J Ryu, G Kolekar, NT Tung, ...
Synthetic Metals 290, 117155, 2022
A nanostructure of reduced graphene oxide and NiO/ZnO hollow spheres toward attenuation of electromagnetic waves
QV Thi, S Park, J Jeong, H Lee, J Hong, CM Koo, NT Tung, D Sohn
Materials Chemistry and Physics 266, 124530, 2021
Silica particles wrapped with poly (aniline-co-pyrrole) and reduced graphene oxide for advanced microwave absorption
QV Thi, S Lim, E Jang, J Kim, N Van Khoi, NT Tung, D Sohn
Materials Chemistry and Physics 244, 122691, 2020
Thorny trunk-like structure of reduced graphene oxide/HKUST-1 MOF for enhanced EMI shielding capability
QV Thi, NQ Nguyen, I Oh, J Hong, CM Koo, NT Tung, D Sohn
Ceramics International 47 (7), 10027-10034, 2021
Ion-incorporative, degradable nanocellulose crystal substrate for sustainable carbon-based electronics
QV Thi, J Ko, Y Jo, Y Joo
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (38), 43538-43546, 2022
Synthesis and characterization of graphene-polypyrrole nanocomposites applying for electromagnetic microwave absorber
QV Thi, NT Tung, D Sohn
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 660 (1), 128-134, 2018
Core-shell architecture of Ni-Co MOF wrapped by a heterogeneous FeBTC@ PPy layer for high-performance EMI shielding
QV Thi, Y Lee, HY Cho, J Hong, CM Koo, NT Tung, D Sohn
Synthetic Metals 281, 116929, 2021
Attenuation of electromagnetic microwaves by a sandwich-like hybrid nanocomposite of reduced graphene oxide and amine-functionalized magnetic mesoporous silica
QV Thi, NT Tung, D Sohn
Synthetic Metals 254, 68-74, 2019
Printable and recyclable carbon nanotube electronics with degradable soybean oil-based polycationic substrate as gate dielectrics
QV Thi, J Han, J Park, SS Kim, DY Jeon, Y Joo
Carbon 212, 118089, 2023
Conductive Glassy Nonconjugated Open-Shell Radical Polymer with Organosulfur Backbone for Macroscopic Conductivity
QV Thi, QH Nguyen, YS Choi, SY Jeon, BW Boudouris, Y Joo
JACS Au, 2024
Recent advances in open-shell mixed conductors—From molecular radicals to polymers
J Ko, QH Nguyen, QV Thi, Y Joo
Chemical Physics Reviews 4 (4), 2023
Particle specifications of oxide materials for biomedical applications
Deepika Thakur, Ajay Kumar Chhantyal, Qui Thanh Hoai Ta, Vu Thi Quyen
Oxides for Medical Applications, 21-32, 2023
Stable water-floating transistor with recyclability
I Yu, VT Quyen, J Ko, DS Lee, DY Jeon, Y Joo
Materials Horizons 10 (2), 491-498, 2023
Carbon-based materials toward attenuation of high frequency range electromagnetic waves
한양대학교, 2021
Reduced Graphene Oxide Grafted with Amine-functionalized NiO/ZnO for Advanced Attenuation of Electromagnetic Wave
한국고분자학회 학술대회 연구논문 초록집 45 (2), 148-148, 2020
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