Hyoung-Su Han
Hyoung-Su Han
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Lead-free piezoceramics–Where to move on?
CH Hong, HP Kim, BY Choi, HS Han, JS Son, CW Ahn, W Jo
Journal of Materiomics 2 (1), 1-24, 2016
Incipient piezoelectrics and electrostriction behavior in Sn-doped Bi1/2(Na0.82K0.18)1/2TiO3 lead-free ceramics
HS Han, W Jo, JK Kang, CW Ahn, I Won Kim, KK Ahn, JS Lee
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (15), 154102, 2013
Strain enhancement in Bi1/2 (Na0. 82K0. 18) 1/2TiO3 lead-free electromechanical ceramics by co-doping with Li and Ta
VQ Nguyen, HS Han, KJ Kim, DD Dang, KK Ahn, JS Lee
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 511 (1), 237-241, 2012
A brief review on relaxor ferroelectrics and selected issues in lead-free relaxors
CW Ahn, CH Hong, BY Choi, HP Kim, HS Han, Y Hwang, W Jo, K Wang, ...
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 68 (12), 1481-1494, 2016
Coexistence of ergodicity and nonergodicity in LaFeO3-modified Bi1/2 (Na0. 78K0. 22) 1/2TiO3 relaxors
HS Han, W Jo, J Rödel, IK Hong, WP Tai, JS Lee
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24 (36), 365901, 2012
High strain in lead-free Nb-doped Bi1/2(Na0.84K0.16)1/2TiO3–SrTiO3 incipient piezoelectric ceramics
RA Malik, JK Kang, A Hussain, CW Ahn, HS Han, JS Lee
Applied Physics Express 7 (6), 061502, 2014
Nanoscale ferroelectric/relaxor composites: origin of large strain in lead–free Bi–based incipient piezoelectric ceramics
TH Dinh, JK Kang, JS Lee, NH Khansur, J Daniels, HY Lee, FZ Yao, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 36 (14), 3401-3407, 2016
Lead-free electrostrictive bismuth perovskite ceramics with thermally stable field-induced strains
VDN Tran, HS Han, CH Yoon, JS Lee, W Jo, J Rödel
Materials Letters 65 (17-18), 2607-2609, 2011
Lead-free Bi1/2 (Na0. 82K0. 18) 1/2TiO3 relaxor ferroelectrics with temperature insensitive electrostrictive coefficient
VDN Tran, TH Dinh, HS Han, W Jo, JS Lee
Ceramics International 39, S119-S124, 2013
Thermal-stability of electric field-induced strain and energy storage density in Nb-doped BNKT-ST piezoceramics
RA Malik, A Hussain, M Acosta, J Daniels, HS Han, MH Kim, JS Lee
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (6), 2511-2519, 2018
Destabilization of ferroelectric order in bismuth perovskite ceramics by A-site vacancies
HS Han, CW Ahn, IW Kim, A Hussain, JS Lee
Materials Letters 70, 98-100, 2012
Strain enhancement of lead-free Bi 1/2 (Na 0.82 K 0.18) 1/2 TiO 3 ceramics by Sn doping
JS Lee, KN Pham, HS Han, HB Lee, VDN Tran
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 60 (2), 212-215, 2012
Lead-free Bi1/2 (Na0. 82K0. 18) 1/2TiO3 ceramics exhibiting large strain with small hysteresis
HB Lee, DJ Heo, RA Malik, CH Yoon, HS Han, JS Lee
Ceramics International 39, S705-S708, 2013
Simultaneous improvement in electrical and thermal properties of interface-engineered BiSbTe nanostructured thermoelectric materials
S Jo, SH Park, HW Ban, DH Gu, BS Kim, JH Son, HK Hong, Z Lee, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 689, 899-907, 2016
Hardening behavior and highly enhanced mechanical quality factor in (K0. 5Na0. 5) NbO3–based ceramics
HS Han, J Koruza, EA Patterson, J Schultheiß, E Erdem, W Jo, JS Lee, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 37 (5), 2083-2089, 2017
Low temperature sintering of lead-free Bi0. 5 (Na0. 82K0. 18) 0.5 TiO3 piezoelectric ceramics by co-doping with CuO and Nb2O5
NB Do, HD Jang, I Hong, HS Han, DT Le, WP Tai, JS Lee
Ceramics International 38, S359-S362, 2012
Strain enhancement in lead-free Bi0. 5 (Na0. 78K0. 22) 0.5 TiO3 ceramics by CaZrO3 substitution
IK Hong, HS Han, CH Yoon, HN Ji, WP Tai, JS Lee
Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 24 (11), 1343-1349, 2012
Effects of internal electrode composition on the reliability of low-firing PMN–PZT multilayer ceramic actuators
JS Lee, MS Choi, HS Han, YM Kong, S Kim, IW Kim, MS Kim, SJ Jeong
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 154 (1), 97-102, 2009
Dielectric, ferroelectric, and piezoelectric properties of Nb-substituted Bi 1/2 (Na 0.82 K 0.18) 1/2 TiO 3 lead-free ceramics
KN Pham, HB Lee, HS Han, JK Kang, JS Lee, A Ullah, CW Ahn, IW Kim
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 60 (2), 207-211, 2012
Ergodicity and nonergodicity in La-doped Bi 1/2 (Na 0.82 K 0.18) 1/2 TiO 3 relaxors
TH Dinh, HS Han, JS Lee, CW Ahn, IW Kim, MR Bafandeh
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 66 (7), 1077-1081, 2015
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