Dong Gi Seong
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Effects of surface modification on rheological and mechanical properties of CNT/epoxy composites
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Layer-by-layer assembly for graphene-based multilayer nanocomposites: synthesis and applications
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Highly sensitive wearable textile-based humidity sensor made of high-strength, single-walled carbon nanotube/poly (vinyl alcohol) filaments
G Zhou, JH Byun, Y Oh, BM Jung, HJ Cha, DG Seong, MK Um, S Hyun, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (5), 4788-4797, 2017
Highly conductive graphene/Ag hybrid fibers for flexible fiber-type transistors
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Synergistic improvement of flame retardant properties of expandable graphite and multi-walled carbon nanotube reinforced intumescent polyketone nanocomposites
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Effect of phenoxy-based coating resin for reinforcing pitch carbon fibers on the interlaminar shear strength of PA6 composites
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Processing of microcellular nanocomposite foams by using a supercritical fluid
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Degradation and rheological properties of biodegradable nanocomposites prepared by melt intercalation method
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Highly sensitive ultraviolet light sensor based on photoactive organic gate dielectrics with an azobenzene derivative
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Liquid crystal display panel and method of manufacturing the liquid crystal display panel
D Seong, J Lyu, SB Park, MH Kye, MG Seok, MH Kim
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Effect of iron-deposited graphene oxides on the electromagnetic wave absorbing property of polymer composite films with Fe-based hollow magnetic fibers for near-field applications
JW Yi, SB Lee, DG Seong, SK Lee, KH Kim, OO Park
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Touch screen display
KW Kim, D Seong, J Yeon-Mun, LEE Hee-Hwan
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Rheological characterization of polymer-based nanocomposites with different nanoscale dispersions
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Influence of fiber length and its distribution in three phase poly (propylene) composites
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Liquid crystal display device
KW Kim, YS Um, DG Seong, SA Cho
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A study on resin flow through a multi-layered preform in resin transfer molding
DG Seong, K Chung, TJ Kang, JR Youn
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Super-insulating, flame-retardant, and flexible poly (dimethylsiloxane) composites based on silica aerogel
H Lee, D Lee, J Cho, YO Kim, S Lim, SJ Youn, YC Jung, SY Kim, ...
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Flexible textile-based organic transistors using graphene/Ag nanoparticle electrode
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Processing of continuous poly (amide‐imide) nanofibers by electrospinning
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Display device and control method of the same
YS Um, J Lyu, SB Park, D Seong, KW Kim
US Patent 8,174,018, 2012
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