Xiao Li
Xiao Li
Texas Heart Institute
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GRID-seq reveals the global RNA–chromatin interactome
X Li*, B Zhou*, L Chen, LT Gou, H Li, XD Fu
Nature biotechnology 35 (10), 940, 2017
MicroRNAs play a critical role in tooth development
H Cao, J Wang, X Li, S Florez, Z Huang, SR Venugopalan, S Elangovan, ...
Journal of dental research 89 (8), 779-784, 2010
The Pitx2: miR-200c/141: noggin pathway regulates Bmp signaling and ameloblast differentiation
H Cao, A Jheon, X Li, Z Sun, J Wang, S Florez, Z Zhang, MT McManus, ...
Development 140 (16), 3348-3359, 2013
Chromatin-associated RNAs as facilitators of functional genomic interactions
X Li, XD Fu
Nature Reviews Genetics, 2019
Understanding the role of Tbx1 as a candidate gene for 22q11. 2 deletion syndrome
S Gao, X Li, BA Amendt
Current allergy and asthma reports 13 (6), 613-621, 2013
TBX1 protein interactions and microRNA-96-5p regulation controls cell proliferation during craniofacial and dental development: implications for 22q11.2 deletion …
S Gao, M Moreno, S Eliason, H Cao, X Li, W Yu, FB Bidlack, HC Margolis, ...
Human molecular genetics 24 (8), 2330-2348, 2015
A pituitary homeobox 2 (Pitx2):microRNA-200a-3p:β-catenin pathway converts mesenchymal cells to amelogenin-expressing dental epithelial cells
T Sharp, J Wang, X Li, H Cao, S Gao, M Moreno, BA Amendt
Journal of Biological Chemistry, jbc. M114. 575654, 2014
A single nucleotide polymorphism associated with isolated cleft lip and palate, thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism alters the activity of an oral epithelium and thyroid enhancer …
AC Lidral, H Liu, SA Bullard, G Bonde, J Machida, A Visel, LMM Uribe, ...
Human molecular genetics 24 (14), 3895-3907, 2015
MicroRNA-26b represses colon cancer cell proliferation by inhibiting lymphoid enhancer factor 1 expression
Z Zhang, KH Kim, X Li, M Moreno, T Sharp, MJ Goodheart, S Safe, ...
Molecular cancer therapeutics, molcanther. 1000.2013, 2014
Hierarchical interactions of homeodomain and forkhead transcription factors in regulating odontogenic gene expression
SR Venugopalan*, X Li*, MA Amen, S Florez, D Gutierrez, H Cao, J Wang, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (24), 21372-21383, 2011
The LIM homeodomain transcription factor LHX6: a transcriptional repressor that interacts with pituitary homeobox 2 (PITX2) to regulate odontogenesis
Z Zhang, D Gutierrez, X Li, F Bidlack, H Cao, J Wang, K Andrade, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (4), 2485-2500, 2013
A model for the molecular underpinnings of tooth defects in Axenfeld–Rieger syndrome
X Li, SR Venugopalan, H Cao, FO Pinho, ML Paine, ML Snead, ...
Human molecular genetics 23 (1), 194-208, 2014
A new plasmid-based microRNA inhibitor system that inhibits microRNA families in transgenic mice and cells: a potential new therapeutic reagent
H Cao, W Yu, X Li, J Wang, S Gao, NE Holton, S Eliason, T Sharp, ...
Gene therapy 23 (6), 527-542, 2016
Dact2 represses PITX2 transcriptional activation and cell proliferation through Wnt/beta-catenin signaling during odontogenesis
X Li, S Florez, J Wang, H Cao, BA Amendt
PloS one 8 (1), e54868, 2013
An evolutionarily conserved enhancer regulates Bmp4 expression in developing incisor and limb bud
D Jumlongras, SA Lachke, DJ O’connell, A Aboukhalil, X Li, SE Choe, ...
PloS one 7 (6), e38568, 2012
The TFAP2AIRF6GRHL3 genetic pathway is conserved in neurulation
YA Kousa, H Zhu, WD Fakhouri, Y Lei, A Kinoshita, RR Roushangar, ...
Human molecular genetics 28 (10), 1726-1737, 2019
Irx1 regulates dental outer enamel epithelial and lung alveolar type II epithelial differentiation
W Yu, X Li, S Eliason, M Romero-Bustillos, RJ Ries, H Cao, BA Amendt
Developmental biology 429 (1), 44-55, 2017
A comprehensive analysis of the T and B lymphocytes repertoire shaped by HIV vaccines
L Wang, W Zhang, L Lin, X Li, NK Saksena, J Wu, S Wang, JG Joyce, ...
Frontiers in immunology 9, 2018
Single-cell transcriptomic landscape of nucleated cells in umbilical cord blood
Y Zhao*, X Li*, W Zhao*, J Wang, J Yu, Z Wan, K Gao, G Yi, X Wang, ...
GigaScience 8 (5), giz047, 2019
GRID-seq for comprehensive analysis of global RNA–chromatin interactions
B Zhou*, X Li*, D Luo*, DH Lim, Y Zhou, XD Fu
Nature Protocols, 2019
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