Chang Zhou
Chang Zhou
Alibaba Group/Peking University
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Deep Interest Evolution Network for Click-Through Rate Prediction
G Zhou, N Mou, Y Fan, Q Pi, W Bian, C Zhou, X Zhu, K Gai
AAAI 2019, 2018
ATRank: An Attention-Based User Behavior Modeling Framework for Recommendation
C Zhou, J Bai, J Song, X Liu, Z Zhao, X Chen, J Gao
AAAI 2018, 2017
Scalable graph embedding for asymmetric proximity
C Zhou, Y Liu, X Liu, Z Liu, J Gao
AAAI 2017 31 (1), 2016
Cognitive Graph for Multi-Hop Reading Comprehension at Scale
M Ding, C Zhou, Q Chen, H Yang, J Tang
ACL 2019, 2019
Learning Disentangled Representations for Recommendation
J Ma*, C Zhou*, P Cui, H Yang, W Zhu
NeurIPS 2019, 2019
Continuous pattern detection over billion-edge graph using distributed framework
J Gao, C Zhou, J Zhou, JX Yu
2014 IEEE 30th International Conference on Data Engineering, 556-567, 2014
AliGraph: A Comprehensive Graph Neural Network Platform
R Zhu, K Zhao, H Yang, W Lin, C Zhou, B Ai, Y Li, J Zhou
VLDB 2019 (industry track), 2019
Mocgraph: Scalable distributed graph processing using message online computing
C Zhou, J Gao, B Sun, JX Yu
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 8 (4), 377-388, 2014
Disentangled Self-Supervision in Sequential Recommenders
J Ma, C Zhou, H Yang, P Cui, X Wang, W Zhu
KDD 2020, 2020
GLog: A high level graph analysis system using MapReduce
J Gao, J Zhou, C Zhou, JX Yu
2014 IEEE 30th International Conference on Data Engineering, 544-555, 2014
Controllable Multi-Interest Framework for Recommendation
Y Cen, J Zhang, X Zou, C Zhou, H Yang, J Tang
KDD 2020, 2020
Understanding Negative Sampling in Graph Representation Learning
Z Yang, M Ding, C Zhou, H Yang, J Zhou, J Tang
KDD 2020, 2020
Toward continuous pattern detection over evolving large graph with snapshot isolation
J Gao, C Zhou, JX Yu
The VLDB Journal 25 (2), 269-290, 2016
Personalized Bundle List Recommendation
J Bai, C Zhou*, J Song, X Qu, W An, Z Li, J Gao
WWW 2019, 2019
CogLTX: Applying BERT to Long Texts
M Ding, C Zhou, H Yang, J Tang
NeurIPS 2020, 2020
Contrastive Learning for Debiased Candidate Generation in Large-Scale Recommender Systems
C Zhou*, J Ma*, J Zhang*, J Zhou, H Yang
KDD 2021, 2020
M6: A Chinese Multimodal Pretrainer
J Lin*, R Men*, A Yang*, C Zhou, M Ding, Y Zhang, P Wang, A Wang, ..., 2021
Cognitive Knowledge Graph Reasoning for One-shot Relational Learning
Z Du, C Zhou, M Ding, H Yang, J Tang
TKDE, 2019
CogView: Mastering Text-to-Image Generation via Transformers
M Ding, Z Yang, W Hong, W Zheng, C Zhou, D Yin, J Lin, X Zou, Z Shao, ...
NeurIPS 2021, 2021
UniWalk: Unidirectional Random Walk Based Scalable SimRank Computation over Large Graph
J Song, X Luo, J Gao, C Zhou, H Wei, JX Yu
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 30 (5), 992-1006, 2018
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