Radu F. Semeniuc
Radu F. Semeniuc
Professor of Chemistry, Eastern Illinois University
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Supramolecular structural variations with changes in anion and solvent in silver (I) complexes of a semirigid, bitopic tris (pyrazolyl) methane ligand
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, V Rassolov, MD Smith
Inorganic chemistry 43 (2), 537-554, 2004
Supramolecular structures of cadmium (II) coordination polymers: A new class of ligands formed by linking tripodal tris (pyrazolyl) methane units
DL Reger, TD Wright, RF Semeniuc, TC Grattan, MD Smith
Inorganic chemistry 40 (24), 6212-6219, 2001
Highly organized structures and unusual magnetic properties of paddlewheel copper (II) carboxylate dimers containing the π− π stacking, 1, 8-naphthalimide synthon
DL Reger, A Debreczeni, B Reinecke, V Rassolov, MD Smith, ...
Inorganic chemistry 48 (18), 8911-8924, 2009
Supramolecular architecture of a silver (I) coordination polymer supported by a new ligand containing four tris (pyrazolyl) methane units
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, MD Smith
Inorganic chemistry 40 (26), 6545-6546, 2001
Synthesis of open and closed metallacages using novel tripodal ligands: unusually stable silver (I) inclusion compound
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, MD Smith
Inorganic chemistry 42 (25), 8137-8139, 2003
Silver complexes of 1, 1′, 3, 3′-tetrakis (pyrazol-1-yl) propane: the “quadruple pyrazolyl embrace” as a supramolecular synthon
DL Reger, JR Gardinier, RF Semeniuc, MD Smith
Dalton Transactions, 1712-1718, 2003
Structural Impact of Infinite Water Chains on the Self-Assembly of an Inorganic− Metal− Organic Architecture
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, C Pettinari, F Luna-Giles, MD Smith
Crystal growth & design 6 (5), 1068-1070, 2006
Structurally adaptive multitopic ligands containing tris (pyrazolyl) methane units as supramolecular synthons: manganese carbonyl complexes
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, MD Smith
Journal of organometallic chemistry 666 (1-2), 87-101, 2003
Influences of changes in multitopic tris (pyrazolyl) methane ligand topology on silver (I) supramolecular structures
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, I Silaghi-Dumitrescu, MD Smith
Inorganic chemistry 42 (12), 3751-3764, 2003
Metal Complexes of 2, 6-Bis [(pyrazol-1-yl) methyl] pyridine: The Search for Aryl− Pyrazolyl Embrace Interactions as a Synthon for Crystal Engineering
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, MD Smith
Crystal growth & design 5 (3), 1181-1190, 2005
8-Quinoline based ligands and their metallic derivatives: A structural and statistical investigation of quinoline π–π stacking interactions
RF Semeniuc, TJ Reamer, MD Smith
New Journal of Chemistry 34 (3), 439-452, 2010
1, 8-Naphthalimide synthon in silver coordination chemistry: control of supramolecular arrangement
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, JD Elgin, V Rassolov, MD Smith
Crystal growth & design 6 (12), 2758-2768, 2006
Self‐Assembly of a Chiral Three Dimensional Architecture Composed of Two Different Silver (I) Helical Chains Connected by Bitopic Tris (pyrazolyl) methane Ligands
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, MD Smith
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2002 (3), 543-546, 2002
Structural Comparisons of Silver (I) Complexes of Third-Generation Ligands Built from Tridentate (o-C6H4 [CH2OCH2C (pz) 3] 2) versus Bidentate Poly (1-pyrazolyl) methane Units …
DL Reger, EA Foley, RF Semeniuc, MD Smith
Inorganic chemistry 46 (26), 11345-11355, 2007
Multitopic third generation tris (pyrazolyl) methane ligands built on alkyne structural scaffolding: first preparation of mixed tris (pyrazolyl) methane/tris (pyrazolyl) borate …
DL Reger, JR Gardinier, S Bakbak, RF Semeniuc, UHF Bunz, MD Smith
New Journal of Chemistry 29 (8), 1035-1043, 2005
Directional control of π-stacked building blocks for crystal engineering: the 1, 8-naphthalimide synthon
DL Reger, JD Elgin, RF Semeniuc, PJ Pellechia, MD Smith
Chemical communications, 4068-4070, 2005
New N,N,N-Heteroscorpionates Based on 2,2‘-Bis(pyrazolyl)ethanamine and Its Derivatives. Ligands Designed for Probing Supramolecular Interactions
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, JR Gardinier, J O'neal, B Reinecke, MD Smith
Inorganic chemistry 45 (11), 4337-4339, 2006
Self-assembly of an organometallic silver (I) 1D architecture supported by three different types of bonding interactions
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, MD Smith
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 5 (4), 278-282, 2002
Crystal retro-engineering: Structural impact on silver (I) complexes with changing complexity of tris (pyrazolyl) methane ligands
DL Reger, RF Semeniuc, CA Little, MD Smith
Inorganic chemistry 45 (19), 7758-7769, 2006
Post-synthesis surface-modified silicas as adsorbents for heavy metal ion contaminants Cd (II), Cu (II), Cr (III), and Sr (II) in aqueous solutions
N Kothalawala, JP Blitz, VM Gun’ko, M Jaroniec, B Grabicka, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 392, 57-64, 2013
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