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Chollet sylvie
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Quick and dirty but still pretty good: A review of new descriptive methods in food science
D Valentin, S Chollet, M Lelièvre, H Abdi
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 47 (8), 1563-1578, 2012
Analyzing assessors and products in sorting tasks: DISTATIS, theory and applications
H Abdi, D Valentin, S Chollet, C Chrea
Food quality and preference 18 (4), 627-640, 2007
Craft vs. industrial: Habits, attitudes and motivations towards beer consumption in Mexico
C Gómez-Corona, HB Escalona-Buendía, M García, S Chollet, D Valentin
Appetite 96, 358-367, 2016
Sort and beer: Everything you wanted to know about the sorting task but did not dare to ask
S Chollet, M Lelièvre, H Abdi, D Valentin
Food quality and preference 22 (6), 507-520, 2011
French and Vietnamese: How do they describe texture characteristics of the same food? A case study with jellies
G Blancher, S Chollet, R Kesteloot, DN Hoang, G Cuvelier, ...
Food quality and preference 18 (3), 560-575, 2007
Impact of training on beer flavor perception and description: are trained and untrained subjects really different?
S Chollet, D Valentin
Journal of Sensory studies 16 (6), 601-618, 2001
What is the validity of the sorting task for describing beers? A study using trained and untrained assessors
M Lelièvre, S Chollet, H Abdi, D Valentin
Food quality and preference 19 (8), 697-703, 2008
MALDI-TOFmass spectrometry for the identification of lactic acid bacteria isolated from a French cheese: The Maroilles
DDFC Nacef M., Chevalier M., Chollet S.
International Journal of Food Microbiology, 2017
Do trained assessors generalize their knowledge to new stimuli?
S Chollet, D Valentin, H Abdi
Food Quality and Preference 16 (1), 13-23, 2005
Le degré d'expertise a-t-il une influence sur la perception olfactive? Quelques éléments de réponse dans le domaine du vin
S Chollet, D Valentin
L'année psychologique 100 (1), 11-36, 2000
Understanding apple consumers’ expectations in terms of likes and dislikes. Use of comment analysis in a cross-cultural study
MV Galmarini, R Symoneaux, S Chollet, MC Zamora
Appetite 62, 27-36, 2013
Craft beer representation amongst men in two different cultures
C Gómez-Corona, M Lelievre-Desmas, HBE Buendía, S Chollet, ...
Food quality and preference 53, 19-28, 2016
Beer-trained and untrained assessors rely more on vision than on taste when they categorize beers
M Lelièvre, S Chollet, H Abdi, D Valentin
Chemosensory perception 2 (3), 143-153, 2009
Expertise and memory for beers and beer olfactory compounds
D Valentin, S Chollet, S Beal, B Patris
Food quality and preference 18 (5), 776-785, 2007
Effect of germination and fermentation process on the antioxidant compounds of quinoa seeds
RA Carciochi, L Galván-D’Alessandro, P Vandendriessche, S Chollet
Plant foods for human nutrition 71 (4), 361-367, 2016
Free sorting task
S Chollet, D Valentin, H Abdi
Novel techniques in sensory characterization and consumer profiling, 207-228, 2014
Les mots du vin: experts et novices diffèrent-ils quand ils décrivent des vins?
D Valentin, S Chollet, H Abdi
Corpus, 2003
Impact of apple procyanidins on sensory perception in model cider (part 1): Polymerisation degree and concentration
R Symoneaux, A Baron, N Marnet, R Bauduin, S Chollet
LWT-Food Science and Technology 57 (1), 22-27, 2014
Measuring the drinking experience of beer in real context situations. The impact of affects, senses, and cognition
C Gómez-Corona, S Chollet, HB Escalona-Buendía, D Valentin
Food Quality and Preference 60, 113-122, 2017
Could cider aroma modify cider mouthfeel properties?
R Symoneaux, H Guichard, JM Le Quéré, A Baron, S Chollet
Food Quality and Preference 45, 11-17, 2015
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