Kyongjun Kim
Kyongjun Kim
Ph.D of Nano science and technology, Seoul National University의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Low‐temperature, solution‐processed and alkali metal doped ZnO for high‐performance thin‐film transistors
SY Park, BJ Kim, K Kim, MS Kang, KH Lim, TI Lee, JM Myoung, HK Baik, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (6), 834-838, 2012
All‐solution‐processed flexible thin film piezoelectric nanogenerator
SY Chung, S Kim, JH Lee, K Kim, SW Kim, CY Kang, SJ Yoon, YS Kim
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UV–visible spectroscopic analysis of electrical properties in alkali metal‐doped amorphous zinc tin oxide thin‐film transistors
KH Lim, K Kim, S Kim, SY Park, H Kim, YS Kim
Advanced Materials 25 (21), 2994-3000, 2013
Gate Capacitance‐Dependent Field‐Effect Mobility in Solution‐Processed Oxide Semiconductor Thin‐Film Transistors
E Lee, J Ko, KH Lim, K Kim, SY Park, JM Myoung, YS Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (29), 4689-4697, 2014
Water adsorption effects of nitrate ion coordinated Al 2 O 3 dielectric for high performance metal-oxide thin-film transistor
JH Park, K Kim, YB Yoo, SY Park, KH Lim, KH Lee, HK Baik, YS Kim
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Solution-processed amorphous hafnium-lanthanum oxide gate insulator for oxide thin-film transistors
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Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (6), 1050-1056, 2014
Patterning of Flexible Transparent Thin‐Film Transistors with Solution‐Processed ZnO Using the Binary Solvent Mixture
K Kim, S Park, JB Seon, KH Lim, K Char, K Shin, YS Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (18), 3546-3553, 2011
Low temperature and solution-processed Na-doped zinc oxide transparent thin film transistors with reliable electrical performance using methanol developing and surface engineering
K Kim, SY Park, KH Lim, CH Shin, JM Myoung, YS Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (43), 23120-23128, 2012
The structural, optical and electrical characterization of high-performance, low-temperature and solution-processed alkali metal-doped ZnO TFTs
SY Park, K Kim, KH Lim, B joon Kim, E Lee, JH Cho, YS Kim
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Aqueous zinc ammine complex for solution-processed ZnO semiconductors in thin film transistors
SY Park, S Kim, J Yoo, KH Lim, E Lee, K Kim, J Kim, YS Kim
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Fast, exact and non-destructive diagnoses of contact failures in nano-scale semiconductor device using conductive AFM
CH Shin, K Kim, JH Kim, W Ko, Y Yang, SK Lee, CS Jun, YS Kim
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-6, 2013
Interface engineering for suppression of flat-band voltage shift in a solution-processed ZnO/polymer dielectric thin film transistor
K Kim, E Lee, SY Park, KH Lim, CH Shin, YS Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (46), 7742-7747, 2013
Micro-patterned ZnO semiconductors for high performance thin film transistors via chemical imprinting with a PDMS stamp
K Seong, K Kim, SY Park, YS Kim
Chemical Communications 49 (27), 2783-2785, 2013
Alkali earth metal dopants for high performance and aqueous-derived ZnO TFT
SY Park, K Kim, KH Lim, E Lee, S Kim, H Kim, YS Kim
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Compact coarse approach mechanism for a scanning probe microscope
K Kim, D Hwang, J Kim, Y Seo
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