Puyam S Singh
Puyam S Singh
CSIR Central Salt & Marince Chemicals Research Institute
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Synthesis of novel silica-polyamide nanocomposite membrane with enhanced properties
GL Jadav, PS Singh
Journal of Membrane Science 328 (1-2), 257-267, 2009
Probing the structural variations of thin film composite RO membranes obtained by coating polyamide over polysulfone membranes of different pore dimensions
PS Singh, SV Joshi, JJ Trivedi, CV Devmurari, AP Rao, PK Ghosh
Journal of membrane science 278 (1-2), 19-25, 2006
Geopolymer formation processes at room temperature studied by 29Si and 27Al MAS-NMR
PS Singh, M Trigg, I Burgar, T Bastow
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Structural studies of geopolymers by 29 Si and 27 Al MAS-NMR
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Fouling resistant membranes in desalination and water recovery
AVR Reddy, JJ Trivedi, CV Devmurari, DJ Mohan, P Singh, AP Rao, ...
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Vapour phase beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime over SAPO-11 molecular sieve
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Titanium-containing porous silica prepared by a modified sol− gel method
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Mesoporous silica spheres via 1-alkylamine templating route
K Kosuge, PS Singh
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Rapid Synthesis of Al-Containing Mesoporous Silica Hard Spheres of 30− 50 μm Diameter
K Kosuge, PS Singh
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An ultrahydrophobic fluorous metal–organic framework derived recyclable composite as a promising platform to tackle marine oil spills
S Mukherjee, AM Kansara, D Saha, R Gonnade, D Mullangi, B Manna, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal, 10937-10943, 2016
Preparation of polysulfone–polyamide thin film composite hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes and their performance in the treatment of aqueous dye solutions
SK Maurya, K Parashuram, PS Singh, P Ray, AVR Reddy
Desalination 304, 11-19, 2012
Techniques for characterization of polyamide thin film composite membranes
PS Singh, AP Rao, P Ray, A Bhattacharya, K Singh, NK Saha, ...
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Limiting thickness of polyamide–polysulfone thin-film-composite nanofiltration membrane
P Veerababu, BB Vyas, PS Singh, P Ray
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Preparation of ultra-thin poly (vinyl alcohol) membranes supported on polysulfone hollow fiber and their application for production of pure water from seawater
SG Chaudhri, BH Rajai, PS Singh
Desalination 367, 272-284, 2015
Mixed-oxide pillared silicates from H-Ilerite by intercalation
K Kosuge, PS Singh
Chemistry of materials 12 (2), 421-427, 2000
Characterization of physical structure of silica nanoparticles encapsulated in polymeric structure of polyamide films
PS Singh, VK Aswal
Journal of colloid and interface science 326 (1), 176-185, 2008
Preparation and characterization of highly micro-porous PVDF membranes for desalination of saline water through vacuum membrane distillation
S Devi, P Ray, K Singh, PS Singh
Desalination 346, 9-18, 2014
Characterization of MeAPO-11s synthesized conventionally and in the presence of fluoride ions and their catalytic properties in the oxidation of ethylbenzene
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Applied Catalysis A: General 177 (2), 149-159, 1999
The synthesis of mesoporous silica spheres by octylamine templating
PS Singh, K Kosuge
Chemistry letters 27 (1), 101-102, 1998
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