Soo-Young Yu
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Direct Synthesis of a Covalent Triazine‐Based Framework from Aromatic Amides
SY Yu, J Mahmood, HJ Noh, JM Seo, SM Jung, SH Shin, YK Im, IY Jeon, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (28), 8438-8442, 2018
Heavily aluminated graphene nanoplatelets as an efficient flame-retardant
IY Jeon, SH Shin, HJ Choi, SY Yu, SM Jung, JB Baek
Carbon 116, 77-83, 2017
Enhanced electrocatalytic performance of Pt nanoparticles on triazine-functionalized graphene nanoplatelets for both oxygen and iodine reduction reactions
IY Jeon, DH Kweon, SW Kim, SH Shin, YK Im, SY Yu, MJ Ju, JB Baek
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (41), 21936-21946, 2017
Vertical two-dimensional layered fused aromatic ladder structure
HJ Noh, YK Im, SY Yu, JM Seo, J Mahmood, T Yildirim, JB Baek
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-8, 2020
Nitrogen-rich two-dimensional porous polybenzimidazole network as a durable metal-free electrocatalyst for a cobalt reduction reaction in organic dye-sensitized solar cells
SY Bae, DH Kweon, J Mahmood, MJ Kim, SY Yu, SM Jung, SH Shin, ...
Nano Energy 34, 533-540, 2017
Two-dimensional amine and hydroxy functionalized fused aromatic covalent organic framework
J Mahmood, I Ahmad, M Jung, JM Seo, SY Yu, HJ Noh, YH Kim, HJ Shin, ...
Communications Chemistry 3 (1), 1-6, 2020
Synthesis of Saddle-Shape Octaaminotetraphenylene Octahydrochloride
I Ahmad, D Kim, R Kodirov, SY Yu, JM Seo, J Mahmood, JB Baek
The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2021
Edge‐NFx (x=1 or 2) Protected Graphitic Nanoplatelets as a Stable Lithium Storage Material
HJ Noh, S Liu, SY Yu, Q Fan, F Xiao, J Xu, IY Jeon, JB Baek
Batteries & Supercaps 3 (9), 928-935, 2020
Nitrogen-enriched 2D Porous Benzimidazole Network as Superior Metal-free Cathodes for Organic Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
SY Yu, SY Bae, DH Kweon, J Mahmood, MJ Kim, SM Jung, SH Shin, ...
IUPAC-FAPS 2017, 2017
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