Kathryn E. Smith
Kathryn E. Smith
The Marine Biological Association
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Trait compensation in marine gastropods: shell shape, avoidance behavior, and susceptibility to predation
PA Cotton, SD Rundle, KE Smith
Ecology 85 (6), 1581-1584, 2004
No barrier to emergence of bathyal king crabs on the Antarctic shelf
RB Aronson, KE Smith, SC Vos, JB McClintock, MO Amsler, PO Moksnes, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (42), 12997-13002, 2015
The secret to successful deep-sea invasion: does low temperature hold the key?
KE Smith, S Thatje
PLoS One 7 (12), e51219, 2012
Nurse egg consumption and intracapsular development in the common whelk Buccinum undatum (Linnaeus 1758)
KE Smith, S Thatje
Helgoland Marine Research 67 (1), 109-120, 2013
Climate change and the threat of novel marine predators in Antarctica
KE Smith, RB Aronson, BV Steffel, MO Amsler, S Thatje, H Singh, ...
Ecosphere 8 (11), e02017, 2017
Discovery of a recent, natural whale fall on the continental slope off Anvers Island, western Antarctic Peninsula
KE Smith, S Thatje, H Singh, MO Amsler, SC Vos, JB McClintock, ...
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Biology of the king crab Paralomis birsteini on the continental slope off the western Antarctic Peninsula
KE Smith, RB Aronson, S Thatje, GA Lovrich, MO Amsler, BV Steffel, ...
Polar Biology 40 (11), 2313-2322, 2017
Evidence for protracted and lecithotrophic larval development in the yeti crab Kiwa tyleri from hydrothermal vents of the East Scotia Ridge, Southern Ocean
S Thatje, KE Smith, L Marsh, PA Tyler
Sexuality and Early Development in Aquatic Organisms 1 (2), 109-116, 2015
The sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus as a bioeroder of plastic
A Porter, KE Smith, C Lewis
Science of the Total Environment 693, 133621, 2019
Thermal tolerance during early ontogeny in the common whelk< i> Buccinum undatum</i>(Linnaeus 1785): Bioenergetics, nurse egg partitioning and developmental success
KE Smith, S Thatje, C Hauton
Journal of Sea Research 79, 32-39, 2013
The metabolic cost of developing under hydrostatic pressure: experimental evidence supports macroecological pattern
KE Smith, A Brown, S Thatje
Marine Ecology Progress Series 524, 71-82, 2015
In situ observations of a possible skate nursery off the western Antarctic Peninsula
MO Amsler, KE Smith, JB McClintock, H Singh, S Thatje, SC Vos, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 86 (6), 1867-1872, 2015
A 50-year retrospective of persistent organic pollutants in the fat and eggs of penguins of the Southern Ocean
DS Ellis, CVZ Cipro, CA Ogletree, KE Smith, RB Aronson
Environmental Pollution 241, 155-163, 2018
The subtle intracapsular survival of the fittest: maternal investment, sibling conflict or environmental effects?
KE Smith, S Thatje
Ecology 94, 2263-2274, 2013
Temperature effects on larval development in the lithodid crab Lithodes maja
A Brown, S Thatje, A Oliphant, C Munro, KE Smith
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Zonation of demersal fishes off Anvers Island, western Antarctic Peninsula
MO Amsler, JT Eastman, KE Smith, JB Mcclintock, H Singh, S Thatje, ...
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Characterization of the exoskeleton of the Antarctic king crab Paralomis birsteini
BV Steffel, KE Smith, GH Dickinson, JA Flannery, KA Baran, MN Rosen, ...
Invertebrate Biology 138 (2), e12246, 2019
Intracapsular development and dispersal polymorphism in the predatory gastropod Ocenebra erinaceus (Linnaeus 1758)
KE Smith, AJ Reed, S Thatje
Helgoland Marine Research 69 (3), 249-258, 2015
Antarctic ecosystem responses following ice‐shelf collapse and iceberg calving: Science review and future research
J Ingels, RB Aronson, CR Smith, A Baco, HM Bik, JA Blake, A Brandt, ...
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 12 (1), e682, 2021
Sea urchin reproductive performance in a changing ocean: poor males improve while good males worsen in response to ocean acidification
KE Smith, M Byrne, D Deaker, CM Hird, C Nielson, A Wilson-McNeal, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1907), 20190785, 2019
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