Hojung Nam
Hojung Nam
Associate Professor at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
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A comprehensive genome‐scale reconstruction of Escherichia coli metabolism—2011
JD Orth, TM Conrad, J Na, JA Lerman, H Nam, AM Feist, BØ Palsson
Molecular systems biology 7 (1), 2011
Network context and selection in the evolution to enzyme specificity
H Nam, NE Lewis, JA Lerman, DH Lee, RL Chang, D Kim, BO Palsson
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Combining tissue transcriptomics and urine metabolomics for breast cancer biomarker identification
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Virmid: accurate detection of somatic mutations with sample impurity inference
S Kim, K Jeong, K Bhutani, JH Lee, A Patel, E Scott, H Nam, H Lee, ...
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A systems approach to predict oncometabolites via context-specific genome-scale metabolic networks
H Nam, M Campodonico, A Bordbar, DR Hyduke, S Kim, DC Zielinski, ...
PLoS computational biology 10 (9), 2014
Identification of temporal association rules from time-series microarray data sets
H Nam, KY Lee, D Lee
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Self-blm: Prediction of drug-target interactions via self-training svm
J Keum, H Nam
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The role of cellular objectives and selective pressures in metabolic pathway evolution
H Nam, TM Conrad, NE Lewis
Current opinion in biotechnology 22 (4), 595-600, 2011
DeepConv-DTI: Prediction of drug-target interactions via deep learning with convolution on protein sequences
I Lee, J Keum, H Nam
PLoS computational biology 15 (6), e1007129, 2019
Predicting the absorption potential of chemical compounds through a deep learning approach
M Shin, D Jang, H Nam, KH Lee, D Lee
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Prediction models for drug-induced hepatotoxicity by using weighted molecular fingerprints
E Kim, H Nam
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bZIPDB: a database of regulatory information for human bZIP transcription factors
T Ryu, J Jung, S Lee, HJ Nam, SW Hong, JW Yoo, D Lee, D Lee
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Identification of drug-target interaction by a random walk with restart method on an interactome network
I Lee, H Nam
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Systems assessment of transcriptional regulation on central carbon metabolism by Cra and CRP
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Prediction of compound-target interactions of natural products using large-scale drug and protein information
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Computational identification of altered metabolism using gene expression and metabolic pathways
H Nam, J Lee, D Lee
Biotechnology and bioengineering 103 (4), 835-843, 2009
The CH25H–CYP7B1–RORα axis of cholesterol metabolism regulates osteoarthritis
WS Choi, G Lee, WH Song, JT Koh, J Yang, JS Kwak, HE Kim, SK Kim, ...
Nature 566 (7743), 254-258, 2019
The use of technical replication for detection of low-level somatic mutations in next-generation sequencing
J Kim, D Kim, JS Lim, JH Maeng, H Son, HC Kang, H Nam, JH Lee, S Kim
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Discovering health benefits of phytochemicals with integrated analysis of the molecular network, chemical properties and ethnopharmacological evidence
S Yoo, K Kim, H Nam, D Lee
Nutrients 10 (8), 1042, 2018
Exploring molecular links between lymph node invasion and cancer prognosis in human breast cancer
S Kim, H Nam, D Lee
BMC systems biology 5 (S2), S4, 2011
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