MohammadAli Faraji
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Seismic velocity deviation log: An effective method for evaluating spatial distribution of reservoir pore types
M Shirmohamadi, A Kadkhodaie, H Rahimpour-Bonab, MA Faraji
Journal of Applied Geophysics 139, 223-238, 2017
Prediction of pore facies using GMDH-type neural networks: a case study from the South Pars gas field, Persian Gulf basin
E Sfidari, A Kadkhodaie, B Ahmadi, B Ahmadi, MA Faraji
GEOPERSIA 8 (1), 43-60, 2018
Integration of core data, well logs and seismic attributes for identification of the low reservoir quality units with unswept gas in the carbonate rocks of the world’s largest …
MA Faraji, A Kadkhodaie, R Rezaee, DA Wood
Journal of Earth Science 28 (5), 857-866, 2017
Geophysical strata rating (GSR) as an aid in carbonate reservoir characterisation: an example from the South Pars gas field, Persian Gulf Basin
MA Faraji, A Kadkhodaie, H Rahimpour-Bonab, P Hatherly
Exploration Geophysics 49 (6), 812-824, 2018
Estimation and mapping of vitrinite reflectance from seismic data in South Pars gas field, Persian Gulf
MA Faraji, A Kadkhodaie, DA Wood, H Rahimpour-Bonab, M Ghanavati
Journal of Applied Geophysics 164, 1-10, 2019
Breakouts derived from image logs aid the estimation of maximum horizontal stress: A case study from Perth Basin, Western Australia
M Faraji, A Rezagholilou, M Ghanavati, A Kadkhodaie, DA Wood
Advances in Geo-Energy Research 5 (1), 2020
Evaluation of the climate significance of chemical signals in Tropical speleothems by using fabrics criteria: a case study from the Cook Islands.
M Faraji, A Borsato, S Frisia, J Hellstrom, R Drysdale, A Greig, A Hartland, ...
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
Application of Geophysical Strata Rating (GSR) in carbonate reservoir characterization
MA Faraji, A Kadkhodaie, H Rahimpour-Bonab, K Aghazade
Proceedings of the 18th Iranian Geophysical Conference, 871-873, 2018
Estimation of Geophysical Strata Rating (GSR) from seismic data in carbonate reservoirs by using intelligent systems: an example from the South Pars gas field
MA Faraji, BH RAHIMPOUR, A Kadkhodaie
PETROLEUM RESEARCH 27 (9200694), 27-43, 2017
Establishing reservoir Geomechanical Units(GMUs) based on well log data in one of the Persian Gulf oilfields (in Persian)
MA Faraji, A Kadkhodaie
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