George T. Kanellos
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Theoretical analysis and performance investigation of ultrafast all-optical Boolean XOR gate with semiconductor optical amplifier-assisted Sagnac interferometer
KE Zoiros, G Papadopoulos, T Houbavlis, GT Kanellos
Optics Communications 258 (2), 114-134, 2006
Two dimensional polymer-embedded quasi-distributed FBG pressure sensor for biomedical applications
GT Kanellos, G Papaioannou, D Tsiokos, C Mitrogiannis, G Nianios, ...
Optics express 18 (1), 179-186, 2010
Performance analysis of ultrafast all-optical Boolean XOR gate using semiconductor optical amplifier-based Mach–Zehnder interferometer
T Houbavlis, KE Zoiros, G Kanellos, C Tsekrekos
Optics Communications 232 (1-6), 179-199, 2004
10-Gb/s all-optical half-adder with interferometric SOA gates
D Tsiokos, E Kehayas, K Vyrsokinos, T Houbavlis, L Stampoulidis, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 16 (1), 284-286, 2004
Optics in computing: From photonic network-on-chip to chip-to-chip interconnects and disintegrated architectures
T Alexoudi, N Terzenidis, S Pitris, M Moralis-Pegios, P Maniotis, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 37 (2), 363-379, 2019
Clock and data recovery circuit for 10-Gb/s asynchronous optical packets
GT Kanellos, L Stampoulidis, N Pleros, T Houbavlis, D Tsiokos, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 15 (11), 1666-1668, 2003
Dual SOA-MZI Wavelength Converters Based on III-V Hybrid Integration on a -Scale Si Platform
D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, GT Kanellos, K Vyrsokinos, N Pleros, T Tekin, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 26 (6), 560-563, 2014
All-optical 3R burst-mode reception at 40 Gb/s using four integrated MZI switches
GT Kanellos, D Petrantonakis, D Tsiokos, P Bakopoulos, P Zakynthinos, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 25 (1), 184-192, 2007
Optical buffering for chip multiprocessors: a 16GHz optical cache memory architecture
P Maniotis, D Fitsios, GT Kanellos, N Pleros
Journal of lightwave technology 31 (24), 4175-4191, 2013
Recipe for intensity modulation reduction in SOA-based interferometric switches
N Pleros, C Bintjas, GT Kanellos, K Vlachos, H Avramopoulos, G Guekos
Journal of lightwave technology 22 (12), 2834, 2004
Optical RAM and flip-flops using bit-input wavelength diversity and SOA-XGM switches
C Vagionas, D Fitsios, GT Kanellos, N Pleros, A Miliou
Journal of lightwave technology 30 (18), 3003-3009, 2012
Optical RAM and integrated optical memories: a survey
T Alexoudi, GT Kanellos, N Pleros
Light: Science & Applications 9 (1), 1-16, 2020
Bringing WDM into optical static RAM architectures
GT Kanellos, D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, C Vagionas, A Miliou, N Pleros
Journal of lightwave technology 31 (6), 988-995, 2012
III–V-on-Si photonic crystal nanocavity laser technology for optical static random access memories
T Alexoudi, D Fitsios, A Bazin, P Monnier, R Raj, A Miliou, GT Kanellos, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 22 (6), 295-304, 2016
Optical power limiter using a saturated SOA-based interferometric switch
N Pleros, GT Kanellos, C Bintjas, A Hatziefremidis, H Avramopoulos
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 16 (10), 2350-2352, 2004
RDNA: Residue-defined networking architecture enabling ultra-reliable low-latency datacenters
A Liberato, M Martinello, RL Gomes, AF Beldachi, E Salas, R Villaca, ...
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 15 (4), 1473-1487, 2018
A 40 Gb/s 3R burst mode receiver with 4 integrated MZI switches
D Petrantonakis, GT Kanellos, P Zakynthinos, N Pleros, D Apostolopoulos, ...
2006 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and the National Fiber Optic …, 2006
Optical cache memory peripheral circuitry: Row and column address selectors for optical static RAM banks
T Alexoudi, S Papaioannou, GT Kanellos, A Miliou, N Pleros
Journal of lightwave technology 31 (24), 4098-4110, 2013
Packet-format and network-traffic transparent optical signal processing
E Kehayas, GT Kanellos, L Stampoulidis, D Tsiokos, N Pleros, G Guekos, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 22 (11), 2548-2556, 2004
XPM-and XGM-based optical RAM memories: frequency and time domain theoretical analysis
C Vagionas, D Fitsios, K Vyrsokinos, GT Kanellos, A Miliou, N Pleros
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 50 (8), 1-15, 2014
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