Lisa Tam
Lisa Tam
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Determinants of employee turnover intention: Understanding the roles of organizational justice, supervisory justice, authoritarian organizational culture and organization …
S Kim, L Tam, JN Kim, Y Rhee
Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 2017
The origins of distant voicing: Examining relational dimensions in public diplomacy and their effects on megaphoning
L Tam, J Kim, JN Kim
Public Relations Review 44 (3), 407-418, 2018
Think socially but act publicly: refocusing CSR as corporate public responsibility
S Kim, JN Kim, L Tam
Journal of Public Affairs 16 (1), 91-104, 2015
Who are publics in public diplomacy? Proposing a taxonomy of foreign publics as an intersection between symbolic environment and behavioral experiences
L Tam, JN Kim
Place Branding and Public Diplomacy 15 (1), 28-37, 2019
Social media analytics: how they support company public relations
L Tam, JN Kim
Journal of Business Strategy 40 (1), 28-34, 2019
Conceptualising and measuring relationship as public diplomacy outcome: development of the Relationship Assessment of Diplomatic Interaction Outcome (RADIO) scale
L Tam, JN Kim
Communication Research and Practice 3 (3), 215-232, 2017
News about corporate social responsibility (CSR): the interplay of intermedia agenda setting influences between corporate news releases and press coverage
L Tam
Asian Journal of Business Ethics 4 (2), 117-130, 2015
Interpersonal approaches to relationship building: diplomat as a human agent of public diplomacy
L Tam
Place Branding and Public Diplomacy 15 (2), 134-142, 2019
Inquiring into activist publics in chronic environmental issues: Use of the mutual-gains approach for breaking a deadlock
S Kim, JN Kim, L Tam, GT Kim
Journal of Public Affairs 15 (4), 404-422, 2015
Before crisis: How near-miss affects organizational trust and industry transference in emerging industries
A Mehta, L Tam, D Greer, K Letheren
Public Relations Review, 2020
Strategic public diplomacy: Cultivating relationships with foreign publics and measuring relationship outcomes using the Relationship Assessment of Diplomatic Interaction …
LS Tam
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 2015
Nationalism and international disputes in China: Implications for transnational corporations as corporate diplomats
L Tam, S Kim
Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 27 (2), 246-263, 2017
Organisational crises in the media: Crisis response strategies and news coverage
L Tam, P Huang
Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal 17 (1), 78-91, 2016
Why and how do sojourners talk about Macao? Effects of perceived risk and expected benefit
SH Choi, L Tam, K Ayhan, DM Lee
Asian International Studies Review 20 (2), 29-51, 2019
Digital platforms and Australian news media: Report
T Flew, F Suwana, L Tam
Digital Media Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology, 2018
Evaluations of people, affection, and recommendation for a host country: A study of Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) recipients.
L Tam, KJ Ayhan
Politics & Policy 49 (6), 2021
Share of voices in corporate social responsibility (CSR) news: A comparison of sources used in press releases and news coverage
L Tam
Corporate Communications: an International Journal 24 (1), 128-142, 2019
Financial risk information processing in Hong Kong
SZ Dong, LL Tam
National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Conference, 2013
Understanding the effects of perceived ethics failure, compassionate leadership, and communication strategy on anti‐government sentiment
S Kim, L Tam, S Bach
Journal of Public Affairs 18 (4), e1848, 2018
The interplay between nationalism and public diplomacy: Examining nationalist publics’ communicative behaviors during an international dispute
L Tam, Y Lee
Place Branding and Public Diplomacy 14 (4), 225-233, 2018
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