Jong-Ho Choe
Jong-Ho Choe
Post-Doc. Korea Univ.
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Active terahertz nanoantennas based on VO2 phase transition
M Seo, J Kyoung, H Park, S Koo, H Kim, H Bernien, BJ Kim, JH Choe, ...
Nano letters 10 (6), 2064-2068, 2010
Flexible and transparent gas molecule sensor integrated with sensing and heating graphene layers
H Choi, JS Choi, JS Kim, JH Choe, KH Chung, JW Shin, JT Kim, DH Youn, ...
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Substrate effect on aperture resonances in a thin metal film
JH Kang, JH Choe, DS Kim, QH Park
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High efficiency GaN light-emitting diodes with two dimensional photonic crystal structures of deep-hole square lattices
YC Shin, DH Kim, EH Kim, JM Park, KM Ho, K Constant, JH Choe, ...
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Slot antenna as a bound charge oscillator
JH Choe, JH Kang, DS Kim, QH Park
Optics express 20 (6), 6521-6526, 2012
Babinet-Inverted Optical Yagi–Uda Antenna for Unidirectional Radiation to Free Space
J Kim, YG Roh, S Cheon, JH Choe, J Lee, J Lee, H Jeong, UJ Kim, Y Park, ...
Nano letters 14 (6), 3072-3078, 2014
Terahertz pinch harmonics enabled by single nano rods
HR Park, YM Bahk, JH Choe, S Han, SS Choi, KJ Ahn, N Park, QH Park, ...
Optics Express 19 (24), 24775-24781, 2011
Design of vanadium dioxide-based plasmonic modulator for both TE and TM modes
JH Choe, JT Kim
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 27 (5), 514-517, 2014
A flexible metamaterial with negative refractive index at visible wavelength
M Choi, JH Choe, B Kang, CG Choi
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Improving the light output power of GaN-based light-emitting diodes through the use of SiO 2 cones
SY Jung, J Choe, MS Seok, QH Park, TY Seong
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 16 (3), 582-586, 2013
Broadband characterization of charge carrier transfer of hybrid graphene-deoxyribonucleic acid junctions
C Lim, SH Lee, Y Jung, JH Son, JH Choe, YJ Kim, J Choi, S Bae, JH Kim, ...
Carbon 130, 525-531, 2018
Graphene-based plasmonic waveguide devices for electronic-photonic integrated circuit
JT Kim, JH Choe, JS Kim, D Seo, YD Kim, KH Chung
Optics & Laser Technology 106, 76-86, 2018
Analysis of Polarization-Splitting Characteristics in Three-Core-Based Directional Couplers Using Silicon Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguides
JH Choe, JT Kim
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (10), 2099-2105, 2015
Subwavelength imaging in the visible range using a metal coated carbon nanotube forest
Jong-Ho Choe, Muhan Choi, Won Jun Lee, Byungsoo Kang, Jinhyung Kim, Min-Kyo ...
Nanoscale 6 (11), 5967-5970, 2014
Rational and Facile Construction of 3D Annular Nanostructures with Tunable Layers by Exploiting the Diffraction and Interference of Light
JH Choe, QH Park, EA You
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (29), 5203-5210, 2016
Strong visible magnetic resonance of size-controlled silicon-nanoblock metasurfaces
Y Yi, SJ Yoo, JH Choe, SG Park, KH Jeong, QH Park, CG Choi
Applied Physics Express 9 (4), 042001, 2016
Light extraction efficiency enhancement using surface-structured light-emitting diodes with a subwavelength coating
MS Seok, SJ Yoo, JH Choe, QH Park, YT Moon
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 68 (3), 462-466, 2016
Optical devices and methods of controlling propagation directions of light from the optical devices
JE Kim, C Lee, Y Park, Y Roh, H Suh, J Choe
US Patent 9,499,400, 2016
Optical devices and methods of controlling propagation directions of light from the optical devices
JE Kim, C Lee, Y Park, Y Roh, H Suh, J Choe
US Patent 9,499,400, 2016
Gas sensor apparatus
YJ YU, JS Choi, CG Choi, HK Choi, JS Kim, JT Kim, KH Chung, JH Choe
US Patent App. 14/711,520, 2016
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